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Adoptions through LDS family services

Discussion in 'Other Family Law Matters' started by Honeybaby123, Jun 20, 2017.

  1. Honeybaby123

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    I had my first baby boy. I was determined to be his mom and keep him. I was doing everything a single mother should do. One day I was staying at my apartment, my sister invited her boyfriend over and he made so much noise and reaked so much havoc all the neighbors started to complain. I got like 5 complaints so the next thing I know I had to move out, mind you I was 17 at the time and staying at an apartment that my dad paid for. My dad told me he couldn't help me after that. While moving out all these people who worked for my dad came over and talked to me about placing my baby for adoption. I knew deep down that it would be the best thing but little did I know about the emotional damage that would come with it. I made the decision within 30 min. I didn't really have a lot of time to think for myself because of all the people who were in the room telling me that it would be the best thing to do. I gave in and listened to them. The people who convinced me to make this decision were also related to my baby's now adoptive parents. Tim and heidi, are their names, the ones who encouraged me to make this decision. Tim has a brother named Steve and a wife named Janae who can't have kids. So Tim and heidi already had the adoption in mind long before I made the decision. I remember one time Heidi asked to watch my baby for a week while I worked on doing the things I needed to complete. I couldn't handle being away from my baby that long and I was already starting to miss him. I found out that she took the baby to Steve and janaes without my permission and told me about it after. When she brought the baby back, she showed me pics of all of them together
    I think she was trying to rub it in my face that the baby was more happy with them or something, this was before the apartment incident. Back to the apartment, Shortly after I made the decision to give my baby up to Steve and Janae, Tim and heidi were driving me to go meet up with the social worker who had the papers all ready to be signed. I feel like Tim and heidi had this planned all along. As soon as I got there the look on my baby's face said it all. I've never seen my baby look so mad and i was wondering why. We sat on a bench, as the social worker from LDS family services went over the papers with me. I remember she read a statement that said I wasnt pressured into making this decision. I had to pause for a min because I was, but I didn't speak up, all the people who wanted me to give up the baby were there and I could tell they were all crossing their fingers. I should've said something I should've said that I was pressured and I was bribed, but I didn't. Tim and heidi told me that Steve and Janae would give $5000 just to help me out if I gave my baby to them. I wasn't interested in the money , I was simply looking out for the baby's best interest. I guess they were just saying that because I never received the money that was supposed to help me. After I signed the papers, everyone cheered , except me. I knew I made a big mistake but I was trying to block that thought out of my head. We took the baby to his new adoptive parents. They were so happy, but the baby was not. He was crying, he's a smart baby I think he knew what was happening. That cry was all I needed to hear to know that I made a regretful mistake. It was the cry of pure grief and let down from my baby. When he was in j
    Janae's arms, he was reaching out for me, but I couldn't do anything about it and take him back because I already signed those dang papers. It's not like it went through the court system either , it was an adoption done through the church. I don't know if they can legally do that, but there isn't a day where I don't regret it. A year has passed and I still want my baby back. I will never stop grieving over this or not want him back. Everytime I get to see him I only get to see him for an hour, no longer than that. Everytime Steve and Janae tell him to say goodbye he gets so mad and sad because we wants to see his mommy. This breaks my heart. Baby needs to be with his mom. I didn't know LDS family services could do that, and I wish those papers weren't irrovokeable.
  2. army judge

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    I suggest you visit with at least THREE family law attorneys.

    Take whatever documents you possess related to the "placement".

    Notice, I used the word "placement", not "adoption".

    Don't discuss what I've suggested you do with anyone, especially the ones involved in "placing" your child.

    The first visit will normally be offered to you at no charge, but ask when you make the appointment with the family law attorneys in your county.

    After you've spoken with the attorneys in PERSON, return and let us know what you learned.

    Don't discuss what you learn after visiting with the attorneys with any of your relatives, friends, or associates.

    Don't allow 5:00 PM on Friday to pass without doing as I suggested.

    Time is of the essence.

    Good luck......
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