Adoption under duress


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North Carolina
I gave birth to my daught just weeks after my 17th birthday. My mother made me leave the hospital without her. My mother was in a very abusive relationship and she hid my pregnancy from her boyfriend. Once my mother found out that I was pregnant. I had to quit school, I wasn't allowed any visitors,I was confined to my room. After giving birth, she promised help me get my child back. So I contacted the father and the Social Worker and we went to pick up my daughter from DSS. When my mother realized she couldn't use the baby as a pawn to get money from the child's father my mom started treating me bad.and eventually she told me my daughter had to go! We didn't have any money and our utilities we in threat of being turned off. My mother gave me the number and demanded that I call the social worker back and tell her to come get my daughter.Reluctantly I did I had no where else to turn and she didn't want anyone to know my family was in Virginia. The day the social worker came we had no utilities or food. I signed the papers and she left with my daughter. My brother,sister and I were just left there she never once asked if we needed any thing or if things were alright. Or if I needed any help. I remember asking her on the phone could she help me and she told me that there wasn't any thing she could do. Is it possible to sue because they failed me?was it legal for me to sign those papers without my parent present? Due to my own ignorance did I allow them to violate my rights if any? Thank you in advance for your response.
Once you reach the age of majority, you have a limited time statutorily to file an objection to an adoption you were aware of. If you are still in your teens, you might have a chance at undoing the adoption process if you act quickly.