ADM leave and termination


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I filed an EEO complaint against Fed Gov agency and it was accepted for investigation. 1 month later agency put me on a PIP and within 6 months said I failed to meet work performance expectations same I had been successfully doing for 30 years.
Agency put me on 30 day adm leave paid with proposal to terminate me from my job.
At first I resigned to be able to get another gov job. Then I rescinded and asked a gency to determine if I should hold my position or be fired instead allowing me to collect unemployment.
That said, the month is over and no word from my agency on termination or other. I need to be paid.
Doe's my agency have to pay me until they terminate me or make other arrangements?
Should I call them or wait for their call?
I am continuing with my EEO case and onward to EEOC no matter what.

Any advice appreciated.
"At first I resigned to be able to get another gov job. Then I rescinded..." Did the agency accept the rescinding of your resignation in writing? Generally once you resign, they can accept it and nothing (unless you have a collective bargaining agreement or other contract) can require them to allow you back.