Domestic Violence & Civil Orders A & B Domestic charge Possible countersuit

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I received a "notice to appear" in court for a domestic a & b set for September 15. The incident supposedly took place on the 24th of August and the notice is dated for the 28th but the problem is THE LETTER IS POSTDATED FOR JUNE 9 2014 SO CAN I GET THIS THOWN OUT FOR TAMPERING WITH MY MAIL? How is it possible that the date on the letter is August 28 from an incent 4 days prior and was Postdated June 9. What can I do about it the Plaintiff is an officer that picked it up for the city of Burton, MI. This envelope is from the court and dated June 9th for postal service but showed up in my mailbox a couple days ago by a person other than the postman???? Can I get this thrown out of court (especially since the victim had a bench warrant and will also be providing me with documentation of all of her medicines and her mental illness. Anxiety, Bipolarism. Pain management with Norco 1000's 3 a day is a lot also, So she was very aggressive and the blood on the hoodie was mine from my face not her nose and she will sign a statement with documents for the incident being that I've never been arrested but 1 time about 10 yrs ago for a drunk roomate fight that was dismissed immediately. So my main question is will I be able to get this charge thrown out givin all of the above to consider???
You show up as instructed, plead not guilty, and use your right to remain silent.
No one will believe anything you say.
That's not how it works.
You start blabbing, EVERYTHING you spew can and WILL be used against you to convict you and incarcerate you.
Be smart, plead not guilty, don't blab, and hire yourself a lawyer, or ask the court if you qualify for a public defender.

Last thing, stay away from the victim.
Don't communicate with the victim in any way, shape or form: tat means no emails, no text messages, no FaceBook posts, no notes from carrier pigeons, no messages through other people, avoid the victim as if they had the plague. In this case, the plague is prison and legal trouble you don't need.

The process will take its course. The time to have thought about was long before it began.
The beast must be fed.
Talking, blabbing, trying to explain is the second west thing you can do.
Patience is your best friend, slow and sure, now you chill and wait.
Once you have a lawyer, you discuss ALL of your options with her or him.
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