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40 year old federal juvenile felony

Discussion in 'Juvenile Crime, Law & Court' started by Hideoutcabins, Aug 28, 2009.

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  1. Hideoutcabins

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    My jurisdiction is: arkansas

    In 1969, (about 40 years back) an old friend of mine and myself stole a car and went to california to get away from a bad home life situation. We were caught, tried in federal court and each of us were sent to a youth correctional center for about 13 months. I was 17 years old and cannot remember if i was tried as an adult.

    Since 1989, I have held the highest federal security clearance obtainable on a need to know basis in the united states government with my primary office in a federal facility. I have worked closely as a CEO with all federal agencies including the U.S. dept. of defense, U.S. district courts, etc. The FBI and federal protection service fingerprinted me annualy and the old felony never showed up.

    Here's my question,,,,I have been told a federal juvenile felony cannot be expunged. I have a concealed carry permit. Recently, being quite popular in my community, I have been approached by DNC and ask to consider a Sheriff's run next year. My fear of this matter surfacing is my only concern. Did this matter simply go away? Am I eligible to be sheriff? All comments deeply appreciated.

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