1 previous strike in Washington then a DUI With felony evading in california

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My boyfriend is from Washington he had a previous conviction for robbery he was in prison for about 7 years. He got out and moved to California hasn't been in trouble since then. He went out this weekend got arrested for misdemeanor DUI and felony evading . Will his Washington past affect his current charges?
Maybe. Whether the past conviction will affect how the current charges are addressed would depend on details best not shared on a public forum.

He should discuss this with his lawyer.
Will his Washington past affect his current charges?

In this great nation a defendant is cloaked in the presumption of innocence.

Despite his past, your friend is innocent until he is proven guilty in a court of law.

If he has prior convictions, those can be used to assist the court in determining the sentence, should he be proven guilty before the bar.
Well, the better approach would be to take describe full details. If your boyfriend had completed his jail time then it should not effect him. But if he repeat old mistakes then charges may get worse with the time. Most states also consider a first, second—or even a third—DUI to be a misdemeanor, provided a certain amount of time, generally seven to 10 years, has passed between offenses. So, it should not affect him generally.
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