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    Other Immigration Law Impact of Civil Domestic Violence Protection Order on Non-immigrant work Visa

    Hi, What are the consequences if a Domestic Violence Protection Order is issued against a Non-Immigrant H1B visa holder? Will it jeopardize the H1B renewal and/or getting a Visa stamped?
  2. Q

    Can a non-resident buy a home and repair it?

    So I will finally have a visa to enter America. FINALLY! I was thinking about buying a house and repairing it this winter so I can enjoy summer hikings with my wife and kids the next summer. Is that allowed? Like if I own a home, can I come and do some repair works on it? Would I violate some...
  3. Melissa Bent

    Work permit

    My permit was delivered on December 5 2019 and I didn’t receive it. Postal service has been investigating the issue since last week and still cannot provide an answer. USCIS is telling me to reapply and pay the fees again since it was never returned has undelivered. They also said I might not...
  4. List of US Visa Types and Categories Explained

    Visa, Other List of US Visa Types and Categories Explained

    A foreign citizen (or "alien") who seeks to enter into the United States will almost always require a visa, a travel document which permits entrance into the U.S. The visa is placed into the passport of a foreign traveler which is issued by the traveler's country of citizenship. There are almost...
  5. Work Visa (H1B): Answers to Frequent Questions

    Work Visa Work Visa (H1B): Answers to Frequent Questions

    People around the globe continue to seek employment opportunities in the United States. However, the work visa process is an extremely challenging and complicated process that usually takes about six months. Before you can successful obtain a work visa or "H-1B visa", certain U.S. visa...