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    Car towed after I paid the bill

    I had an issue with parking with our city and I ended up paying it because it often doesn't pay to fight even if you're right. It's irritating. But later in the day my car was towed and they want me to pay for that too! While I understand there can be some gaps from the time someone gets towed...
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    Non-Compete - Across state lines

    So I have a non compete in place with my current employer, but the parent company is in another state. A. How enforceable is said non compete, both in Indiana, and across state lines? B. What is considered "reasonable consideration" when it comes to employment in my chosen field, when the...
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    Delinquent Co-Borrower: Getting Title To Car to Prevent Further Credit Damage

    I co-borrowed a car with my sister so she could afford a vehicle. She had a history of delinquency with payments and her credit score was wrecked. She was making progress again, so I helped her, thinking that she would persist her change. Since then, she has become delinquent and devolved...
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    Oppressive workplace?

    My wife has just told me that in her workplace they have made policy banning the use of words such as "sir" and "mam". For example if she says "yes mam" or "yes sir" that can be punishable. This was done in an attempt to promote diversity. However she and her co workers are basically afraid to...
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    Graduation Handshake

    If I make it clear in advance that I do not intend to shake the hand of the superintendent at high school graduation and in response am barred from the ceremony would that be a violation of my first amendment rights or would it be considered school speech similar to regulations on graduation...
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    Why are rental cars suddenly using Apportioned tabs?

    In the state of Washington I've noticed that many rental cars (e.g. Hertz, Enterprise) are using Apportioned tabs. This seems to have started this year; did the law change or are the companies just using an existing procedure to try and cut costs?
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    If asked for an ID during a traffic stop, what should I do?

    This is a hypothetical question: If I was stopped by a cop and he ask for my ID, should I stick my hand in my pocket to retrieve my wallet? Wouldn't that give him an excuse to shoot me, should he be in a bad mood?
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    Help interpreting settlement form

    I had an accident and it was determined by a cop to be the other driver's fault. I had some injury to my face and body. This is part of a form I received from the other driver's insurance. I changed some of the values for simplicity. FOR AND IN CONSIDERATION of the payment of the sum of...
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    what to do to to get my property back as agreed

    in 2009 i signed a paper, not sure of the legal name for it, with mr t. it stated that i would sign over my property and it would be returned to me upon his death. it was notarized and transferred. i was to get a copy in the mail and i did not. now he has died and i asked the attorney for a...
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    I may lose my ssi benefits

    My mother just passed away but a few years ago she added me to her savings and checking account ( i helped her make sure bills were paid etc0 I could of gotten a bank card in my name but chose not to as it was my mother's money but i just found out yesterdy from her bank that because i was added...
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    Domestic Violence & Civil Orders If DVPO petition gets denied, what legal resources does Respondent have to keep petitioner away?

    If Domestic Violence Protection order petition gets denied, what options does WA state law provide to Respondent to keep petitioner away from the Respondent? 1. RCW statute reads realignment of parties in DVPO hearing, but how common is that in practice? 2. Can Respondent file a DVPO petition...
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    "Extra Help" benefits terminated. Must I go to federal court?

    MY PROBLEM SSA terminated my “Extra Help with Prescription Drugs” benefits because my money supply was $16,348, which is $2,338 over the limit. I appealed the termination by claiming about $11,000 of my money supply is earmarked for dental treatment. SSA rejected my appeal because I gave no...
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    Domestic Violence & Civil Orders Help me understand criminal history report?

    Personal info has been blocked out of the photos. I guess I'm having a hard time understanding the sentence description. SENT. DESC.: ||| COMMITMENT TO CUSTODY: JAIL: 364 DAY; CREDIT FOR TIME SERVED: 22 DAY; DOMESTIC VIOLENCE ASSESSMENT: 30 DAY; DOMESTIC VIOLENCE TREATMENT: 60 DAY; FINE...
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    Low first offer on settlement doesn't even cover rental car

    My daughter's car was hit and disabled (nearly totaled with $14K in damages) while she was exiting parking lot at Home Depot by employee who was driving fast entering parking lot and not seeing her in which he confessed. It happened on October 2021 around 8 pm and it was already dark. She had...
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    parody of song lyrics on tshirt

    Hi, I have a marketing company and we are partnering with athletes to promote their NIL on t-shirts. The shirts stand out because they are really creative. In this case, I have created a parody of some popular song lyrics to apply to the athlete and their performance. The song is Back in...
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    Employee Contract Question

    Hello, Thank you in advance for taking a look at and reading my question. So there is a physical therapist that recently signed an new contract with their employer (a small business). In the contract they are required to maintain a weekly patient load of 80% as well as market the business out...
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    Flooded and Can't Access RCV

    Hello everyone. Thanks for any advice. Last fall we were flooded, in a federally declared natural disaster. Last month we finally were able to move back into our nearly finished home. The flood insurance isn't FEMA, but private through Lloyds of London... NFIC (commercial), with Crawford...