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    Oppressive workplace?

    My wife has just told me that in her workplace they have made policy banning the use of words such as "sir" and "mam". For example if she says "yes mam" or "yes sir" that can be punishable. This was done in an attempt to promote diversity. However she and her co workers are basically afraid to...
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    Starting a Business Existing Cannabis Business Preventing Credit Card Processor Approval for New Business Ventures

    Hello! I am in need of some advise. We currently own and run a well known online cannabis seed bank, nutrient, and grow light company, and as many know, this required a "High Risk" credit card processor that carries some hefty fees(no big deal, we understand why). The problem is, we are looking...
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    Purchase & Sale Is it legal to advertise a mop attachment for Dyson? (attachment is not made by Dyson)

    Hello, We want to sell a mop attachment for Dyson vacuum cleaners in the USA via Facebook marketing. This attachment is not made by Dyson, it's made by our company. Of course, we would state that it is not made by Dyson. 1. Is it legal to use the Dyson brand name on our website (e.g...