1. J

    Illegal search and destruction of evidence

    Cops seize Jim's computer in a house search after arresting Jim. Two years later cop says he found something illegal on the computer and arrests Jim again on a different charge. Two years later Jim's attorney tries to view the evidence and is stalled by the ADA for a year and finally says they...
  2. C

    Drug Crimes, Substance Abuse Illegal search

    Officer wanted to search home and bedroom I told him no. I went in my bedroom to get my car keys when I turned around I bumped into him. He had followed me into my bedroom and was searching my shelves with my back turned. Is this legal?
  3. C

    Can a CID agent request and execute a search warrant on someone that has already been separated?

    My wife accused me of sex crimes while I was in the Army. My unit quickly chaptered me before CID even finished its investigation. After being separated and living off base, a CID agent requested and executed a search warrant to search my digital devices. Did he have the authority to do so...
  4. W

    how to search for and obtain the right Attorney

    Never have I needed an Attorney, until now. This regards Defamation, Slander and Libel. How do I find the proper Attorney who's qualified for my need. The internet is a big place and I'm a bit overwhelmed please note that I've never needed an Attorney before and just recently inquired on...
  5. B

    Arrest, Search, Seizure, Warrant Search warrant

    Hi, There was a search warrant issued for computers, sd cards, etc stuff pertaining to child pornography. There was other items like drug paraphernalia that they took that wasn't on the search warrant. Can they still charge us with that. I was also wondering if it's legal for one of the...
  6. Xenoth

    Is it possible to get legal intern in the US? Energy and Climate law graduate

    As it is my first post on this forum - welcome to everyone! I know, that my post may seem of quite an extraordinary nature for this forum, but this is probably the best source of information for a person like me. I am a young lad, graduating global energy and climate law masters on one of the...
  7. S

    In search of international representation in Texas while i'm in the UK

    Hello, I moved to the UK about 15 months ago. In that time I lost my job and it took me 9 months to find a decent job as they are hard to come by here. My child support is currently in arrears. I need to find a way to modify my child support order in Texas from the UK. Living in the UK we do...
  8. W

    Surveillance / Monitoring type of warrant - does it exist?

    Is there any type of situation that might lead to a person or group of people possessing the legal right to covertly (no consent) electronically monitor (video, audio, including in-home cameras or audio recorders) an individual? For example, any type of video device installed in the home or...
  9. Miranda Rights, the Miranda Warning & Police Questioning

    Police Activity Miranda Rights, the Miranda Warning & Police Questioning

    This article will explain to your rights to have a "Miranda warning", also known as your "Miranda rights", when you may be subject to an arrest, search and seizure of property. What are "Miranda Rights" and the "Miranda Warning"? The Miranda warning consists of a group of statements (also known...