1. yellowjeepgal

    Can we FaceTime my sister? (Missouri/Arizona)

    Hi, my sister lives all the way out in Arizona now with her dad and grandparents, and we lives all the way out in Missouri. he got full custody of her because my mom was and still is unfortunately on drugs, and she's been asking if we could FaceTime her we all have iPhones and I have an iPad and...
  2. B

    What does a employer/garneshee mean by exercising their right to recoupment?

    A company I earn commission from that considers me an Independent Contractor received a wage garnishment order for me. I didn't think as an IC that they could garnish my "wages" being that I don't earn wages. However, any comission that I've earned is now being put toward a "debit balance"...
  3. A

    Trust & Probate Question

    First of all, yes, we have an attorney and he has done quite a lot of work, but I have not been able to find an answer to what I feel should be a simple question: Does the Successor Trustee of a Revocable Living Trust have the right to be informed of the status of financial accounts that had to...
  4. C

    Divorcing in One state, want to purchase in another, prior to finalization

    My divorce will be final (hopefully) by the end of June. The divorce is uncontested and we have already split the assets. I have since moved to Texas and am wanting to purchase a home, prior to finalizing the divorce. I have received conflicting advice on doing this, albeit not from actual...
  5. K

    Custody before a Court Order

    My son's father and I recently split up. I left him due to his issues with alcohol. We were never married, but we have lived together for about two and a half years. Brief history of issues: The issues with alcohol are longstanding (predate me meeting him), but I didn't realize how bad they...
  6. F

    Legal options for non-resident to pursue small claims case against US-based agency

    I'm looking for some advice on a legal matter I'm facing. I hired a US-based agency (Kansas, Missouri). Unfortunately, they did not deliver as promised, so we agreed on a 50% refund. However, it's been over five weeks, and despite signing a refund and non-disparagement agreement, they still...
  7. R

    Invalid Charging

    If a company's invoice says "For services provided from 7/4/22 to 8/5/22" and the services are terminated on 7/19/22, are you obligated to pay for the services not provided from 7/20/22 to 8/5/22?
  8. M

    SBA Loan Repayment

    My wife has recently passed away. She had an SBA Disaster Loan for a Sole proprietorship. The repayment of the loan is not to start until July of 2023. She has been sick for the last year, and I have been running the company. However, I was not on the company or the SBA loan. This is now going...
  9. J

    Landlord is suing my sister

    My sister and brother in law are currently staying with us due to being evicted from their room that they were renting from a young man. Verbal agreement was made between my brother in law only. They've lived there for about a year now and were paying $400 a month. Plus my sister was cooking...
  10. J

    Case? Partially Bind Home Inspector Missed Collapsing Front Porch Pulling Wall

    Wondering if this inspection miss, by someone who was possibly blind in one eye, is worth pursuing. There were others misses such as bat droppings all over the attic and rotten roof rafters (pointed out by bat remediation man who also worked as a home inspector). Thanks in Advanced! April...