1. James Weygandt

    Why is Joe Biden not in Jail

    The President shall withhold assistance under this chapter to the government of any country that provides lethal military equipment to a country the government of which the Secretary of State has determined is a terrorist government for the purposes of section 4605(j) [1] of title 50, or 2371 of...
  2. S

    Custody Mod when parent is in jail

    The mother of my child and I have a current custody agreement. 50/50 but the child lives with me from Sunday night - Friday morning when I drop him off at school and she has his Friday night to Sunday night when I pick him up. She has the first half of Summer and I have the 2nd half of Summer...
  3. Z

    Jail's medical liability

    A family member was having a mental crisis. They were consequently arrested for domestic violence. Based on a past event, I figured the jail would send the family member to the hospital for a 2 week hold. The jail rep. said once bail was posted they would do an evaluation and then make a...
  4. L

    Is there a key flaw in our system in bonding out of jail

    The flaw being that anyone can post a defendents bond. I think that only two people should be eligible to bail someone out of jail: The defendent themself, or their spouse if they are married. The system of posting bail in order to await trial outside of jail, as I understand it, is to serve...
  5. O


    What happens to your car, stuff you own if you don't have family to keep it for you does state/county take it? Guessing you lose your housing and evicted too?
  6. B

    Girlfriend was sentenced to serve 5 days in jail on November 13, 2020 and here she still is in jail.

    She saw the judge on November 13, 2020 and was sentenced for 5 days and so her court date was moved because of COVID and her cell was quarantine and she calls me up today and said she has to stay another 14 more days because quarantine again. Her public defender wont return my calls and she is...
  7. W

    Drug Crimes, Substance Abuse Am i looking at jail time?

    I recently got charged for possession of controlled substance and drug paraphernalia in marion county even after someone else claimed it. This will be the second time in 10 or 11 yrs. They didn't find no drugs just drug paraphernalia and what they did find wasnt even mine. My question is what...
  8. S

    Threatened with going to jail unless I gave the police officers money?

    I only have until 2PM tomorrow, please help me. So let me start off by saying that I am not from Pennsylvania, I'm from Virginia and am here for work. These officers handed me and everyone else absolutely zero paperwork and told us that if we handed them $461.25, which they said is the max...
  9. The Difference Between Prison and Jail

    Incarceration The Difference Between Prison and Jail

    This article will explain to you the difference between prison and jail, which on the surface seem like two words that mean mostly the same thing. But in the eyes of the law, prison and jail are two very different places even though both deprive a person of their liberty. Jail is Short in...