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    Body shop delinquent on their taxes, can the IRS seize my car?

    My car is at a local body shop for major custom fiberglass work. He does very good work but he suffers from staffing issues and unable to find the help he needs to get jobs done sooner. Because his craftmanship was good I gave him alot of time to finish as its very hard to find a body shop...
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    Consumer Fraud irs pin

    hello sir, madam, Why a foreign company ask for my irs pin thank you for your time
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    Will IRS eventually come after them

    I've reported her to the SSA OIG before from things she told me. She doesn't even do taxes. Will she eventually be sanctioned by the IRS? So this lady I know has no regard for the laws. She was not born in America. She doesn't report her earnings from her Lyft job. She has a credit card and...
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    Can the IRS collect on a closed LLC?

    I have an entity that was shut down in 2018, that was opened in 2015. Employee/bookkeeper prepared but didn't seem to file the taxes (including 940,941, and the end of year 1065. When I sold franchises I sold computers that held everything on them. Previous owners said they no longer have...
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    Reporting SSA & IRS fraud (concealed income) - looking for advice

    Dear all, An American citizen has been the owner (direct ownership as a private person) of the real estate in a foreign country for several years. He didn't declare this ownership to SSA when applied for Social Security benefits based on "limited income and few assets", and as a result has been...
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    C-corp tax liability from previous owner

    Is the current owner of a C-Corp responsible for tax audits from previous years. I am buying a c-corp, the seller is not disclosing all details of tax returns such as expense receipts etc. If IRS comes for an audit of previous years when i was not the owner, How will it work? Would they go to...
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    Sensitive Personal Information - IRS Form 1041

    My mother is in a group of beneficiaries in a deceased person's Revocable Living Trust. She has been receiving letters from the lawyer handling the will explaining the steps required to "receive a portion of the Trust proceeds when it is liquidated". In the most recent letter, the lawyer stated...
  8. What is the Statute of Limitations on an IRS Audit?

    Tax Audits What is the Statute of Limitations on an IRS Audit?

    Generally, the IRS can include returns filed within the last three years in an audit. According to information contained on the IRS website, the IRS tries to audit tax returns as soon as possible after they are filed. This means that most IRS audits will be of returns filed within the last two...