1. C

    Domestic Violence & Civil Orders Out of State Arrest Warrant

    This also Involves Texas Jurisdiction. My Ex Lives in Texas, I live in Utah, and in Georgia there is a PPO. I called the Military Police at Ft Hood Texas for a welfare check trying to locate my children. (She's Been Blocking My Time with them) Because there is a Permanent Protective Order...
  2. M

    Marriage or Will?

    My father was married and has been married for over 40 years to a woman who is not my mother. In the 80s he stepped out on her and began to live with and started a family with my mother. They had myself and my sister. He then went back to his wife and had a daughter with her. They remained...
  3. O

    Consumer Law, Warranties Got an oil change at Walmart. Two hour later the engine failed.

    Title basically says it all. Was pressed for time and I knew the only place in town that could get me in and out within a reasonable amount of time was going to be Walmart. Normally I do my own maintenance, but due to a family emergency I had to just take it somewhere. Well, the service ticket...
  4. G

    SSI and annuity

    My sister receives SSI. The union her first husband worked for contacted her to start sending her annuity payments. Her annuity is not as much as her SSI. Will this affect her SSI? IF SO, how?
  5. W

    Suing UPS in Small Claims Court

    I shipped a rifle barrel, just the barrel, to a licensed FFL/Gunsmith for some work. I shipped it through UPS and paid for insurance. I was informed by the recipient that UPS delivered the box, damaged with a big hole torn in the side, and the barrel was not in there. The website did not have...
  6. A

    School Withdrawal Charges

    Hi, We had recently in September 2022 enrolled my daughter into the Aveda Arts Institute in Atlanta Ga. She was there only three days and realized that the school and environment was not for her. We were told upon admission that if she was not interested in staying (as we were on the fence as...
  7. V

    DFCS Enabling my Abuser

    After a traumatizing domestic violence incident in which I was told to kill myself by my husband, physically assaulted, locked in a closet, then coerced into telling 911 that I was suicidal, though I was not, was kept for 5 days in the hospital, forced to take drugs, unable to see my children...
  8. A

    Land transfer

    My fiance owns some land and wants to put half of it in my name. What is the easiest way to do this? I was advised to use a quit claim? Is this correct? If so, what are the steps in doing so?
  9. W

    Can book authors publish private, personal stories

    Can book authors publish private, personal stories about a person, without that person’s permission? The book is labeled as an autobiography and not fiction. Even though the names are changed, it’s evident to friends and neighbors familiar with the situation who the book is about. Is there any...
  10. H

    Paid deposit and contractor disappeared

    Hi, I paid a deposit of $2,800 to a licensed plumber for the installation of an irrigation system at my house. The plumber never performed the work. I have documentation of him making statements that - in retrospect - were probably false and intended to manipulate. I have filed a small claims...
  11. T

    Job Commitment Letter Review

    Hello, I am in the job hunt and recently received an offer from a company and as part of the offer, they also require a commitment letter to be signed. The issue is that they will only hire me if they are awarded this government contract and there is no timeline specified for when they would...
  12. C

    Medical Malpractice Aorta Injury/Is There a Case?

    My wife went in for a hiatal hernia repair and a TIF procedure. During the hernia repair, the aorta was injured, with the first two layers opened, leaving only the inner lining intact, but bulging. I was consulted and a stent was recommended. I agreed and the rest of the procedures were...
  13. Stacy Carroll

    Eminent Domain?

    We live on a dirt section of a county maintained road. The paved portions of the road have fee simple rights of way, the dirt portion has a prescriptive right of way, 35 feet in width. The old bridge over a creek near our property was condemned in 2014 and closed to all traffic since. That left...