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Citi bank closed my checking account 3 months before my sons DOL claim was approved. When the GDOL sent the direct deposit I was not aware that we had not changed the bank information.
After 2 months I figured out citi excepted his direct deposit and called them at which time they denied having the funds. After a month they admitted to having the money but refused to return it to GDOL. Demanding my son verify his Identity. Which he drove 4 hours away to the branch fraud prevention gave to find it closed. When I contacted citi again they demanded we go two states away to show a government ID. The check was only 4000 it wouldn't be worth it. When citi reopened in georgia he went to the nearest bank with state ID to be told it would take a Judges Court Order to get his money.
They stole his money, ruined his life and still refuse to return the money. I have posted for 4 years now and nobody will help. I have documents to prove everything please help take this bank down and make them return his money.
MIssy, this is not a referral service and reputable attorneys do not troll message boards looking for clients. You cannot get representation by posting on a message board. You should call your state bar association, your local legal aide, or any law schools in your area. There is nothing we can do to help you.
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