criminal charges

  1. S

    Harassment, Stalking, Misconduct Help! Cyberstalking charge.

    Hello I recently got picked up by the police because a local preacher I known since I was little called the law on me. What happened was after the preacher made a comment to me about not knowing what it’s like to have a woman complain about the air conditioning temperature among other things, I...
  2. J

    Domestic Violence & Civil Orders Family NonSupport WA

    Per 1 (b) in below link - RCW 26.20.035: Family nonsupport—Penalty—Exception.. When no children are involved, does this attract? If yes, does this attract if low income spouse isn’t provided with financial support. Context: low income spouse is the protected person in DV protection order; and...
  3. B

    Other Criminal Charges & Offenses forging a sticker and plates

    I was driving a friends car when i was pulled over and charged with forging sticker and plates. Didn't have any idea cause it was night time. Now everywhere i apply for a job i get turned down because of that charge.Even though the job description has nothing to do with a vehicle in any kind of...
  4. D

    Bad search warrant

    So let say one shot is fired in an apt complex in one of the residents. None one knows which one. Two adjacent apts appears no one is home. One of them has history of dv in the past three years. The other has no history at all. Cops bust into apt with Dv history. No one is home. The find a...
  5. Wethepeople

    items at your possession belonging to ex-employer (who is responsible)

    Hi everyone, I was unbale to find any threads/articles pertaining to this particular situation so all inputs are appreciated. This may further fall under Civil, Employment or Criminal Law so I apologize if it maybe misplaced. My question is, If for instance you hold certain items that...
  6. M

    Violation of RPC 4.4 (threatening criminal charges)?

    I've had an ongoing property damage issue with a new neighbor/builder for the last few months. He has finally gone to a lawyer, and the lawyer sent me a letter falsifying well documented facts, and goes even further, accusing me of harassment, citing various parts of my state's criminal statute...
  7. Dreado109

    Other Criminal Charges & Offenses Look at my profile pic

    Who likes my profile pic? Is it a crime to use my profile pic? Do I look handsome? Look at my teeth. Is this even legal, your honor? I need a lawyer for this, seriously.
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    Other Criminal Charges & Offenses Disturbing the peace, elements of

    Can the following statute be interpreted to apply to one neighbor yelling at another neighbor while each neighbor is in his own yard? If so, how so? LA Rev Stat § 14:103 (2017) SUBPART C. OFFENSES AFFECTING THE GENERAL PEACE AND ORDER §103. Disturbing the peace A. Disturbing the peace is the...
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    I need some assistance filing a Writ of Cert with the Supreme Court. I was released from prison on HOME CONFINEMENT . . . I recently won in the SC, only to have the 5th Circuit deny my appeal based on a ONE LINE ruling. I am going back to the SC. I am very intelligent, NOT GUILTY of the crime...
  10. Criminal Procedure: From Arrest to Sentencing

    Criminal Procedure Criminal Procedure: From Arrest to Sentencing

    The process of criminal procedure is similar in all states even though criminal law and penal codes may vary. This is because the purpose of criminal procedure is the same - to determine whether sufficient evidence exists to find you, a person who has been arrested, guilty of a crime. The law...
  11. Robbery Charges, Punishment & Sentencing

    Assault, Battery, Robbery Robbery Charges, Punishment & Sentencing

    The crime of robbery is a felony offense and is considered much more severe than misdemeanor crimes such as disorderly conduct and public intoxication. Robbery is also defined as larceny or the taking of the property that belongs to another person through the use of force or threat of force...
  12. Arrest, Booking, Criminal Charges & Expungement Processes

    Arrest, Booking, Criminal Charges & Expungement Processes

    This article will explain the process of what criminal charges are, how they are filed and how to remove them. What is an Arrest? If a person is reasonably suspected of committing a crime, he or she may be arrested by a police officer. A crime can be of a minor (misdemeanor) or serious (felony)...