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    internet franchise business legal?

    Hello All, Is it legal to start an internet based franchise? Wherein I would offer my territory thru the internet as a franchise to potential franchisees? I currently sell electronics on line and would like to franchise the business. No brick and mortar requirements. I would offer it...
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    Parole, Probation probation does it involve my wife?

    mighty moose hi mighty moose one question: do you think it matters since california is a community property state...i always figured that applied to civil matters, such as divorce, etc but not to probation?? thanks
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    Parole, Probation probation does it involve my wife?

    thank you very much and Merry Christmas
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    Parole, Probation probation does it involve my wife?

    Hello I am on federal probation for a non violent crime. One of my conditions was to get permission before obtaining any new loans. I never knew about this and got a loan for a car for myself and did not tell them about a month ago, which I take full responsibility for. The officer was nice...
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    Wife lost fix it ticket & officer made mistake

    My wife received a tinted window ticket on my car on Nov 2008 Two weeks after receiving the citation she misplaced it. She called for a duplicate and that's when they told her it's not in the system and to call back once a week. Which she did for about 8 months, we kept the names of all we...
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    Sentencing, Plea Bargains Up for sentencing by a federal Judge in Ca.

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: California Hello, Do federal judges go with what the US ATTY/prosecutors recommend when it comes to sentencing? And do federal judges typically put a person that pleaded guilty and witnessed for the government in jail? (non violent crime...