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    debt consolidation

    Will consolidating my debt with a debt consolidation agency ruin my credit?
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    Is it wise to do debt consolidation?

    I live in Texas and my daughter has put me in an incredible amount of credit card debt...$30,000.00 dollars worth! I am considering doing a debt consolidation with a consolidation company. Does anyone have any negatives or positives about doing this and how bad will it affect my credit?
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    Can I move to another state if I have shared custody with the father?

    My daughter lives in New York and has joint custody of her daughter with my ex son-in-law. He has visitation rights during the week and every other weekend. She has lost her job, her house, and has no family or friend support in New York and would like to move to Texas. What can she do about...
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    buying new through builder or bank?

    I am getting ready to purchase a new home and I am not sure who I should try to get preapproved through. Is it better/easier to go through the builders financing group or through a financial institution like Bank of America? Or does it matter?
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    received no certified letter before foreclosure

    It did not happen in happen so I believe it was non-judicial
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    received no certified letter before foreclosure

    non-judicial The foreclosure was not done in court. It was non-judicial.
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    received no certified letter before foreclosure

    I never received a certified letter prior to my house going into foreclosure or prior to the bank buying it back. Is that legal or can I have the foreclosure proceedings reversed so that I can buy my house back. Is a certified letter mandatory in order for a foreclosure to legally move forward?
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    vacating a foreclosed home

    Thank you so much for replying!!!
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    vacating a foreclosed home

    My house has been foreclosed and a family member is willing to purchase it back. Do I have to vacate the house until the sale is final or can I avoid having to move out while the family member is working out the deal.