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    SCRAM vs DNA:SCRAM wins!!

    Jeffrey Hawthorne's (inventor of SCRAM) testimony, and I've seen it in an article advertising SCRAM: There are Virtually no false-positives.......... Now lets look at the subjects tested in AMS's "tamper-proof white-paper", all 10, a seven day study two of which no testing was performed. Ten...
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    Alcohol & Drugs: DUI, DWI probation violation for dui

    That is legal advise, welcome to the wonferful world of court imposed treatment!
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    Was it the Pinot Noir...or was it the cream puff?

    Anyone who drives cannot avoid using what is called contaminents, as I had found out with SCRAM. I was able to create doubt, or Prove my Innocents per se, with witnesses, and that case was dismissed before I submitted all my evidence! How does one go about providing witnesses with such a test...
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    Alcohol & Drugs: MIP, MIC, Intoxication how long do you have to run on warrents

    Statute of limitations are for the crime, warrants never expire, hence if it was the 89th day of a 90 statute, by issuing a warrant they can apprehend the suspect at any time. Sorry about the bad news.
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    Alcohol & Drugs: MIP, MIC, Intoxication Scram Bracelet ( False Positive?)

    Wndex, Clorox clean-up, many other cleaners, do not say they contain alcohol yet do, RFI plays a role in erroneous reads as well! If ignorance was no excuse, then what is the excuse to stand behind a for-profit company who propelled this product into the court system with no independant study...
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    Alcohol & Drugs: DUI, DWI Biological Warfare Against Alcohol Offenders

    Remedies SCRAM definately has not reached the level of bodily invasion that "sterilizing" young welfare mothers reached, the concern with this is precedent. First this, then what branding (they are using identifyable liscense plates and reserve the right to use it as probable cause), we've all...
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    Harassment, Stalking, Misconduct Neighbor harassment

    Sorry,I miss interpeted 3 years with suits but the same should still apply
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    Harassment, Stalking, Misconduct Neighbor harassment

    Possibilities If these are frivalous lawsuits and you are winning them,you may be able to turn the tables.It is illegal to harrass someone with court,3 suits already,obviously harrassment. Your post makes it appear the suits are...
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    Alcohol & Drugs: MIP, MIC, Intoxication SCRAM:becareful while wearing

    Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitors- As we already know placing products such as plastic wrap, tape, paper, aluminum foil, or playing cards between the SCRAM Bracelet and the skin will trigger, record, and send a tamper alarm to SCRAMNET.In one report a probation office attempted to...
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    Alcohol & Drugs: MIP, MIC, Intoxication The Mastermind!!

    On Febuary 11,2005 I was sentenced to 6 months of SCRAM.My second tether was fitted loosely and vulnerable to outside influences.Here is one for lawyers to stew on,I was convicted of obstructing,no alcohol detected and during the night hours while most of America sleeps,with the assumption that...
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    Daubert vs. SCRAM (NYClex lawprof. ?)

    found it! The Judge is considered the "gatekeeper" when scientific evidence is used,thus therefore it is entirely up to a Judge to consider the reliability and credibility of proffered evidence. We really need to set standards for new scientific evidence,at least independant studies to protect...
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    Defamation of Character

    Expunge and Sue Ironically I read the same circumstances in the litigations thread, If your facts are true and easily proven this would be a legal counter and I get off on people/organizations found liable for false allegations!
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    Daubert vs. SCRAM (NYClex lawprof. ?)

    After researching every subject to prove SCRAM convicts the innocent,I finally studied the Daubert vs. Frye controversy and admitting scientific evidence.Thus far,I believe that AMS (proprietor) didn't appear to testify in my case due to Rule 403,which leads to my enquiry.The test results...
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    Alcohol & Drugs: DUI, DWI SCRAM Convicts The Innocent!!

    Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitor system is a relatively new and very effective alcohol monitor.SCRAM is used in 30 states and is taking over the traditionalmethods of testing such as preliminary breathylizer tests (PBT)or urinalysis,but does not read blood alcohol content...
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    Alcohol & Drugs: DUI, DWI Biological Warfare Against Alcohol Offenders

    In January of 2005 I was sentenced to six months of Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitoring system (SCRAM),a relatively new and very effective program.The SCRAM bracelet, approximately 8 to 12 ounces,is worn around the ankle and tests for alcohol emitted transdermally. Unfortunately,SCRAM...