Alcohol & Drugs: DUI, DWI SCRAM Convicts The Innocent!!

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Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitor system is a relatively new and very effective alcohol monitor.SCRAM is used in 30 states and is taking over the traditionalmethods of testing such as preliminary breathylizer tests (PBT)or urinalysis,but does not read blood alcohol content (BAC).Instead,the SCRAM bracelet (worn around the ankle),supposedly reads from vapors emitted through the skin.Unfortunately,it can detect everything from deodorant and hair spray to household cleaners.These are all items on what is called the banned items list,however,there are many products that contain alcohol that do not list it in an ingredients list.Windex is a perfect example,everyone knows about ammonia, but it is also 2% butoxyethanol and 3% isopropyl alcohol!
I am currently aware of 3 convictions for probation violations from a device that does not give a BAC/BrAC!Fifteen hours of witnesses saved me from a confirmed alcohol consumption.The reading,according to testimony of the repusenative of House Arrest Services and Alcohol Monitoring Systems, wasindicitive to that of consumption,but in fact was a fuel spill of some significance.If this happened on my day off,my only witness would have been Jozlynn,my 2 year old daughter.A definite conviction from an indefinite
device.My first two tethers were loosely fitted on my leg,causing extreme abrasions,infections and ultimately discomfort.The tether fell down my leg constantly,every time I climbed stairs,stepped down from a curb,walked any significant distance or perspired.There is a permanent scar on my left leg the size of a nickel from trying to avoid obstructions.
SCRAM bracelets are armed with a system that detects interference and it sends out an alert.Again,these obstructions can be caused by socks,sheets,pant legs or a thin blanket and can happen whenthe probationer is unaware or even sleeping. Apparently,from the testimony of a SCRAM system operator,it doesn't qualify as an obstruction unless it occurs for 6 hours in at which time alcohol could still be detected.I
myself had an obstruction for 12 hours,even though there was no alcohol consumption detected,witnessed,or purchased,I was convicted.People who are working a 12 step program are prosecuted for doing the next right thing.Their children,mothers,spouses and loved ones lives are being effected,even destroyed by this gross injustice!!
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My husband has a SCRAM and on the day he was supposed to have it taken off he was charged with a tamper. No alcohol was detected, there was no temperature change but the infared signal increased for 24 hours. We are clueless as to why. He has been totally compliant and has not tried to interfere with the bracelet at all. I am having difficulty finding out a lot about what can cause a false tamper trigger. The attitude at court was like you're guilty and my husband almost got 30 days in jail, but at the last minute the judge gave him 30 more days on SCRAM. The house arrest person said that a sock wouldn't do it because the tamper control sensor is at the top of the bracelet. No one seemed to care that no alcohol was detected and that there was no temperature change and now my husband and I are scared to death that this stupid SCRAM will mess up again.
I was put on the scram bracelet for 90 days after my FIRST DUI. After about 45 days i was told that I had tested positive for alcohol consumption 4 times, yet I was not told about this until a week after they said I was drinking. I hadn't had a drink and could not figure out what could be wrong. They left the bracelet on me for the remaining 45 days. I went to court and they put me on it again for another 60 days. Four days after I was back on the program I was told that it added tested me positvive again! I am sick of this bracelet making me a paronoid mess, not knowing what is going on and what I can and can't do. The only thing that is going to convince these people that I am not drinking is the manufacturer coming out and saying that the scram device doesn't work. The judge and agencey are in love with it and will not here anything else.
Something needs to be done to fix the many problems with this program, including but not limited to: Violating the Daulbert Standard, not specific to ethanol, and having some kind of standard on who gets the bracelet and using it everywhere in the U.S. or nowhere.
I was put on SCRAM for 90 days aftermy FIRST DUI. After about 45 days I was accused of testing positve for alcohol consumption. However I was not notified until several days after it went off a fourth time which gave me no chance to prove my innocence. They left the bracelet on for the remaining time. A few days after it was removed i was in court where the judge refused to hear anything in my case. I was ordered to go back on SCRAM for another 60 days. Several days after being back on the program I was contacted again saying that I was drinking(again several days after the alleged event so there was no way to prove my innocence with a blood test).
I am currently awaiting what the next development will be. I just want this all to be over with. I have me nothing but compliant with the agency and sick of getting stomped on the courts.
Something needs to be done by AMS (the manufacturer) and by our government to fix the many problems with SCRAM that includes but not limited to: violating the Daubert Standard, not be specific to ethanol, and also only some states, districts, and judges using it. It should be standard for everyone across the country or not used at all.
Please go to and search for scram lawsuit add your comments and read our notes. I am looking at going to prison for not drinking, pretty amazing. Our 6th amendment rights are being smashed and its time that AMS is stopped. I was not drinking, hadnt been drinking, I a being accused and yet I was at work with employees to verify, can pass a polygraph which I am in the process of doing now. If you or someone you know has been accused or is in jail NOW due to this faulty piece of electronics please contact us, united we stand, divided we fall.
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