Alcohol & Drugs: MIP, MIC, Intoxication SCRAM:becareful while wearing

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Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitors-
As we already know placing products such as plastic wrap, tape, paper, aluminum foil, or playing cards between the SCRAM Bracelet and the skin will trigger, record, and send a tamper alarm to SCRAMNET.In one report a probation office attempted to "tamper" with it and the publishing quotes"Penn Services' manager of human services, Kristin Kurtz, strapped a SCRAM to her ankle for a 24-hour test run recently. Her mission was to attempt to tamper with the device.The company's computers detected everything."It's a nuclear arms race," Kurtz said, "One side does something, the other side does something to counter it.""
A two-week trial of the bracelet, which is operated by its maker, BioInformation Systems LLC, in April raised questions about its effectiveness.The device was worn by five defendants who were awaiting trial and by the consulting firm's manager.The consumption of two margaritas and four beers over a six-hour period by the manager, Jerry Solem, who is 6 feet tall and weighs 225 pounds, did not register as confirmed alcohol consumption.One defendant's bracelet malfunctioned immediately, failed to work throughout the two weeks and was not replaced.
The Troy (MI.) P.O. depatment's Johanna Golden caught a man painting with their SCRAM system.This is why there needs to be independant studies on such devices,before complicating ones life,family,job etc... the rate of error should never just be considered none!
Please go to and search for scram lawsuit add your comments and read our notes. I am looking at going to prison for not drinking, pretty amazing. Our 6th amendment rights are being smashed and its time that AMS is stopped. I was not drinking, hadnt been drinking, I a being accused and yet I was at work with employees to verify, can pass a polygraph which I am in the process of doing now. If you or someone you know has been accused or is in jail NOW due to this faulty piece of electronics please contact us, united we stand, divided we fall.
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