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    1. Criss
      My husband recently lost his job of 17 years. I am now being sued for a hospital bill I had a year ago. I had two insurance companys and was pre-approved by both of them for my surgery. When it came time to pay the bill, my primary only paid half saying it was out of network. The other insurance was supposed to pay 80% but didn't even pay half. Now the hospital has sent our bill to a lawyer and we are being forced to pay the bill. I aske d if the hospital would except a close but not full payment, and the lawyer said he can just offer it to them. I'm scared that they will take all the money I give them and still come after us. We owe $1,290.00 and I can only scrape up $900.00. Please give me some advice! Crystal
    2. mccali72
      I have an embarrasing question to ask, my step-brother just flew home last week from a vacation he tood in California, on his way back he thought it would be a good idea to take some marijuana with him, needless to say he was busted at the airport. So they arrested him for the time being while searching through all his luggage for any more paraphenilia. He had nothing in his luggage; the only drugs he had was the marijuana he had strapped to his leg, and according to him he only had about 4 grams, (the officers said they would weight at a later date) then they released him to go home because he did not have an ounce on him, it was medicinal marijuana-which he does not have a legal card and it was for personal use, but he has to go back to California and go to court on the 9th, what might his charges be, any info would help, thank you for your time.
    3. KarenGreen
      Good Day,
      I'm needing some advise on Florida deviorce after 30 years of total seperation. I understand I must file divorce papers, must I go to Sarasoda Fl where I know he last lived to do so, or can I do it from home in PA, and how does the news paper ad need to work please, also what is the length it must run and what do I say, I need some advice.. Thanks you soo much for you heip.
    4. ev0lve
      Answering your question, I have been pulled over as a minor with paraphinalia on me in Wheaton and one of the Officers claimed that a kid that moved awhile ago mentioned to the police that I am a big "doper". Both of us had not really liked each other that much and he had gotten caught with a very large amount of Marijuana.
      I posted with more detail in the original forum.
      Link - http://www.thelaw.com/forums/showthread.php?t=22766
    5. upsetnTX
      I noticed CdwJava that you are currently on-line. I'm not sure what legal field you are an expert in. Would it happen to be bankruptcy? My attorney didn't reaffirm my mortgage in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy and, after giving him add'l money to re-open our bankruptcy so the reaffirmation could be filed, submitted it without the Judge signing the order to re-open our case. As a result, the Reaffirmation was considered invalid because the case was still closed. Why wouldn't the judge have signed the Order to re-open our bankruptcy? If you aren't familiar with the bankruptcy law, which of these listed experts would be familiar with bankruptcy laws? Thanks for your help.
    6. sgreggs
      hello, i have a charge, pled guilty, paid fines, have to comply with alabama's mandatory treatment act of 1990 with a suspended 1 year sentence; my charge is possession of marijuana 2nd degree. now i'm through with this lousy place, have a job offer in California, my state of choice for the resonable society, and was wondering how to go there without this hanging over my head and fear of rendition back to this unreasonable st8
    7. ev0lve
    8. Samy
      Stupid question, but, my boyfriend and i have broken up, now he wants back items that he purchased for my house, items that he had me get rid of mine to replace with his new ones. are they considered gifts? do i give back all that he bought then i have to go out and buy new to replace what was originally mine? the stuff that he replaced, none was defective, all worked, but they were not brand new.
    9. JaneDoeNC
      have a question about web site copywrites. I had a dispute with a school. I filed a complaint with the BBB. In my files I sent was a snippet of the ad that was in question. I did not know that the site was copyrighted. What punishment could I face?
    10. gratisimo
      I have dual citizenship (American & Romanian), however, my Romanian passport expired and in order to renew it, they need, among other things, a legal formal proof of my change in name (which happened when I got my American citizenship). Where do I go to get this proof?
    11. byrd
      My husband went to a board meeting last night and was singled out infront of other employees being told that he had to go and take a drug screen. My husband doesn't do drugs and infact disowned his own brother for six months when he found out he was doing meth. My husband has a health condition that causes him to look unhealthy and loose weight he was worked for the company for 5 or 6 yrs now and has never even signed anything stating that he would have to submited to random drug screens of course this happened last night and now this morning he went and took the drug screen because he has nothing to hide. His boss which happens to be his father had to drive him to the clinic to get this done. Now they are going to let him drive around and work but he is so upset and stressed out that they would single him out like that he is stating to have problems with his condition from the stress. He feels imbarresed and if they are after his job he is also feels very insulted for what they did to him infornt of everyone. Is it really legal what they did. Can they truly get away with this?
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