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    1. sjsmith21c
      My Ex and I purchased a car together approximately 3 or 4 months ago. When doing so, we are both on the loan, however I am primary signer. On the title we are both listed as owners, My self first then him. Is there any way that I can either transfer everything into his name or have everything transfered into my name? I would like to take the car away from him becuase I don't want either of our credit scored ruined. I can afford it, and he can't after our split. However, I am not sure how Kentucky law works as I am from Michagan, and we are only allowed to have one person on a title there.

      PLease assist!
    2. Christine19_74
      Just trying to get some advise wether or not to spend this $205.00 to take her to small claims court.
    3. Christine19_74
      The agreement was that she would go to her other house in Ocala and come to the condo maybe every other weekend and sleep on a blow up mattress on the living room floor. I believe she has the conod for sale. and dont you have to have other people that are living in the condo go through the condo association first?
    4. Christine19_74
      She was still using the condo address as homestead.
    5. Christine19_74
      Even if the owner was living in the condo. She never left. She was just renting the rooms.
    6. Christine19_74
      Even though the agreement was to move in with my friend and when she backed out the agreement was off. So you are saying that I was still in an agreement with the owner even though my friend backed out?
    7. Christine19_74
      I have a friend who told me about a lady wanting to rent her condo out. I moved in and my friend backed out of the deal. I never signed anything and never got a key. Not even sure if the owner ran it by the condo association. I stayed 3 days and moved out. I gave her a $600 security deposit and the owner is refusing to give any of it back. Do I have any chance in small calms court?
    8. jjruben
      I did not sign a loan co-sign agreement since I was out of the country. I later learned my wife had signed my name on my behalf for our son to buy a car. You guessed it, they are coming after me. Is there any recoarse since I let this drag on for so long and its now going to court. Passport entry dates place me elsewhere at the time of the signing, incidently, the signing took place through mail coorespondence without witnesses since he lives out of state.
    9. SCMiller
      Thank you for your help. I will pass this information on to my husband.
    10. beliverinhim
      I'm in need of some information. My son is 27ys old, is in the electrical apprenticeship (so he gets paid), spends money on clothes, going on vacations etc. I have asked him to please pay rent, help out with the utilities, groceries, cleaning, etc. He refuses. I've asked him to pay me back money he has borrowed. He refuses. I've asked him to move out and all he does is yell and make my life and his sisters life a living hell. What can I do to get him out of my house?
    11. SCMiller
      Thanks in advance:
      What gives my husbands mother and older brother the right in setting up a code at the hospital disallowing my husband and his sister in getting any information about their brother when they call the hospital? Their sister lives in Wisconsin and we live in Texas. The sister & brother in hospital are twins.
      The brother in the hospital is being kept unconscious due to tubes down throat. Weak lungs, pneumonia & detoxify – alcoholic
      Thanks again for any answers
      Susan Miller
      P.S. I just found out that the one in the hospital had put his mom & sister in control of decisions in his health care if he became incapacitated and his mom & older brother had the sister removed. How was that possible???
    12. mdonahue87
      Yellowstone National Park
      Federal court

      Hello, I recently got pulled over in Yellowstone National Park for Speeding. The Officer saw a beer in the back seat and immediately started searching the car. He found a small bag of weed in my purse. I got charged with possession of a controlled substance as a minor. ( 36 CFR 2.35 B2) I need to know what is the usual punishment for this and if its worth getting a lawyer. It was in Montana but its a federal crime since it was in the national park. This is my first offense so I'm trying to keep everything off my record if possible. Please help!!
    13. sns87
      Hello, I have a question that i am hoping you may have an answer for. My fiance is incarcerated and has been since Jan. for Arson. He has not yet got sentenced and wont be until Nov. Some recent information was brought up and is contained in letters. He was not the only one involved and was actually in the car passed out during the fire. The note contains the other guy stating my fiance was in the car and he will make sure "the truth is known". He also stated he is still in the dark about it and most likely means he is afraid to tell the truth for he will go down for all. Is this information important in thecase? And any other help you can give? Thank you
    14. Phoenix99
      What is considered HearSay in a telephone hearing?
      If I am attending a telephone hearing, would everything the opposing side says, with regard to their witnesses via written statements be considered HearSay? Also, wouldn't my word be the only true and reliable facts, because I'm the one stating what had happened?
    15. fedupyankee
      I have an ex that is continuously harassing me and demeaning me in front of my son, I dont know what to do cause I do not have the money for an atty.
    16. fedupyankee
      hi this is fedup_yankee
      I was wondering if this is live chat?
    17. sapheroes
      It is believed that there is meth use as well as alcoholism around the kids and in the same house the kids live in. The six month old has been neglected to the point were there is a bulge forming on the side of her head because she is never alowed to sit up. She also has a flattening spot due to the same reason. The kids are exposed to the party sceen every night and during the days as well. The live in Wyoming. Can anything bedone to maybe give temporary custody to a sibling of the acused.
    18. sapheroes
      Have a question about child endangerment due to alcoholism. What has to happen in order for legal action to be taken?
    19. mlbitz
      I need advice on how to get my things back from a residence I moved into with my sister and her kids to help her with money and bills. I came home Sunday and she locked us out and now she wont give me my kids beds my bed or any of our clothes or the rest of our belongings. Can you please help me? I have bills in my name there and I have proof that she moved me out of my apt to move in with her. What can I do?
    20. stranger2117
      hi i recently got chosen for jury duty, but i am not a citizen, and im afraid i do not have the documentation that i need to proof otherwise, what can i do to clear things up without getting in trouble? thank you for your time
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