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  • i find it REALLY interesting how all these people thank you but you have been nothing but rude to others! you should take a look at your own siggy line! peace i am out of here!
    Hey Bay, I haven't seen you in a day or two. Does that mean you have a life and I don't???? ;-)
    Did you see my long winded answer about "turf" and being Momma number 3 when g/f number 4 is posting here? I'll bet that pisses her off.
    Why on earth is this your business?<<<<<<<<<<< You have a real talent for getting straight to the point. Good Post!
    You know, every time I think I have seen the dumbest parental stunt that is possible- someone surprises me. Not only did he DO IT, he tells the Mom he can't tell her about it because it VIOLATES THE GIRLS PRIVACY!!! Glenn Beck use to have this sound of wrapping duct tape around his head so it wouldn't explode. That's the way I am feeling!!!
    My depression and PTSD make want to unmercifully beat the snot out of 22 year olds who want to excuse their thieving ways. Seriously I hope he/she learns a lesson. Few young people can see past the "whining" about consequences to see the error of their ways. PS: I was chief among sinners when I was in my 20's so I'm not talking down to anyone.
    http://www.thelaw.com/forums/showthread.php?t=37600 I complained to thelawprofessor about her constant harassment. He wrote me a pleasant rely and said he was going to "look into it." He is quite the diplomat.

    I gave this couple my email, and now my phone number. I spent part of today helping them out and advising their new attorney about their situation.
    NY Shark says he went to Albany Law for 3 years. Are they just a bad law school, was he a bad student, or is he just flippant with his answers? :p
    If I can find it. It was the one where the person was looking for a lawyer who understood alienation syndrome. You said something about it being discredited. I was going to praise you for it and I believe I sent a report on it saying, "Nice Post."
    Bay! I accidentally sent a report on your post when I meant to send a reputation. I said NICE post on the one about Alienation Syndrome. SORRY!!!
    So Kelly-troll actually INTENDS to cause trouble or she is a fruitcake who just can't help herself?
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