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  1. If you live in the United States, it is important that you are aware of your state government website. While state run websites were typically poorly run and maintained in the past, the emergence of the Internet and mobile phone usage has increased the need for US states to increase the quality and quantity of information online.

    Information Found on State Websites

    There are many functions now designated for online access on state websites. These will typically include a comprehensive list of government agencies, services, jobs, police and emergency assistance, public education information, locations and operating hours of your state department of motor vehicles and much more. For example, the official New York State website provides detailed information about all of the following - including health insurance information and the federally mandated healthcare marketplace:
    • Business
    • Culture & Recreation
    • Education
    • Employment
    • Environment
    • Government
    • Health
    • Housing
    • Identification
    • Licenses
    • Military
    • Safety & Justice
    • Social Programs
    • Taxes
    • Transportation
    In many instances you will be able to apply or report information online, directly to the government. In addition, some states have implemented personal accounts for each citizen to use in order to obtain healthcare and consolidate their requests for help and support. For example, New York State has its initiative for people to obtain personal accounts to manage all their needs, including their healthcare plans and other unrelated services. You can apply for a job, get help with unemployment claims, report a dangerous condition in the street or a housing complaint and much more. If you aren't yet familiar with your official state government website, it's probably time to take a good look. You may be very pleasantly surprised!

    List of Official State Government Websites, United States

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