News Eyewitness Says Brown Rushed Ferguson Police

Did an eyewitness describe Michael Brown running towards an armed police officer in the background audio of a YouTube video purportedly at the scene? After artificially enhancing the speaker, that seems to be his account of the facts surrounding the tragic death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. At the moment, a federal investigation is under way as well as a second autopsy of Michael Brown being conducted at the direction of U.S. Attorney, General Eric Holder.

Video Discussing the Shooting of Michael Brown Surfaces

Much of the country has followed the tragic shooting and subsequent rioting in Ferguson surrounding the death of unarmed teenager shot by police. Michael Brown, who had no prior criminal record, was recorded on surveillance video allegedly robbing a convenience store and leaving after a physical altercation with a clerk. What happened approximately ten minutes after Brown left the store is unclear.

michael-brown-ferguson-police.jpgWhile watching the following YouTube video purportedly taken at the scene of the shooting, I thought I heard an eyewitness account being given by a background speaker at around the 6 minute mark. I have uploaded the enhanced version of the eyewitness account to YouTube and below is my own transcript of what I can hear from the video. He seems to say that Brown ran away from police and then back towards a police officer who had his gun drawn, which would seem to be Ferguson police officer, Darren Wilson.

It is tragic that a young man is dead and leaves behind a grieving family. It is my hope that the rioting ceases and calm restored so that all of the relevant facts can be obtained by federal and state authorities and justice be rendered at the appropriate time.

Eyewitness Statement of Police Shooting

When I came back outside all I seen was the police, that truck right there... the dudes, I don't know what happened...​

How'd he get from here to here?

Because he ran. The police was still in the truck.​

They came this way?

Naw.... The police was still in the truck. And he was like...​

He was running this way? Why his body come this way though?

Yeah, him and the police. I mean the police was in the truck and he was like over the truck or what not. So then he ran. The police got out and ran after him. The next thing I know he comes back towards the truck. The police had his gun drawn already.​

Oh the police got his gun.

The police shot him. The police kept dumpin it on him. And I'm thinking that the police missing like, and he's like, the police... he's like, he like, he was going to 'em.... Dumpin it.... at least, at least five shots. Uh, the next thing I know, I think he missed.​

The police?

The police shot him. Next thing I know, I'm thinking, the dude, the dude starting running and took off toward them (took it from them?)​
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