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    I think I am exploited...

    I am on H1b visa, Sponsor of my H1b could not find me a job for more than 6 months and finally decided to hire me in his consulting company in a marketing position. First he said he will pay me $1000 a month and then dropped down to $900 a month and paid me $876 on the first month. And today he told me he has his own personal problems, his mortgage of his house and bills and asked me to work for free. when i said i simply cant do that cause i need to eat as he does, my car doesn't run on water to go to the work and he started bargaining and said he can pay me $400 a month. I think I wont be paid for this month. what do I need to file a law suit the papers and documents against him....need a suggestion please? I am in a serious problem.

    also i am in a fear that my employer might terminate my visa for going against him? so please suggest me what can i do?

    also i started working there in a mutual understanding and i have not sign any contract yet.
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    You do not need to file a lawsuit; you only need to file a complaint with the state DOL. No, he cannot legally fire you for doing so.

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