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New Tax Rules and Options for New York State Taxpayers

Every year there are new and modified tax rules and requirements. This year New York State taxpayers can expect to find several notable items listed in the tax form instructions. This includes the option to file state tax returns online, how to handle the filing of joint and separate returns for same sex marriage partners, a new adjusted gross income (AGI) calculation along with several other noteworthy items for review.

Medical Expense Deductions: What Qualifies and How Much

What qualifies for a medical expense deduction on your tax return? How much of your health care costs can you deduct? The Affordable Care Act has brought about changes in the tax rules regarding medical expenses for taxpayers who itemize their deductions.

Dealing With a Tax Refund Check Sent in Error

Even the IRS can make mistakes and send a tax refund in error. Can the lucky taxpayer cash the check? What if the IRS discovers its mistake and demands payment? (You can probably guess the answer to that question!) Will penalties and interest be incurred if the money is spent?

Biking While Intoxicated: Bicycles and DUI / DWI Law

DUI and DWI offenses are generally associated with driving a car, motorcycle, truck or other motor vehicle. But in some states, even riding a bicycle while drunk could result in a DUI / DWI charge and similar treatment in court. Find out more about which states have biking while intoxicated laws and those that make exceptions for non-motorized vehicles.

Girl Who Sues Her Parents Drops Case, Returns Home

In a press conference held yesterday, it was announced that the teen who sued her parents had reconciled and returned to her parents' home. But in an unusual twist, Rachel Canning's attorney filed to seal the court documents but no motion was made to dismiss the lawsuit. Is the case of the "spoiled cheerleader" far from over?

Teen Denied Support in Lawsuit Against Her Parents

An 18 year old girl left home and sued her parents for school tuition, child support and the legal expenses for suing her parents. Earlier this week, a New Jersey judge ruled against her emergency request for tuition and living expenses. And what makes this case even more interesting is that she is currently living and being funded by an attorney who is on New Jersey governor Chris Christie's education task force.

Injury Lawyer’s Outrageous Super Bowl Ad: Fact or Fiction

Easily the most memorable ad of Super Bowl XLVIII was the absurd, entertaining, action packed 2 minute commercial for a personal injury lawyer. Remarkably, this outrageous farce was a bona fide attorney advertisement and not a spot for a television miniseries. But just as remarkable are the answers that few have provided to the most frequent questions.

Judge Decides Boy is Too Rich for Jail After DUI Manslaughter

A Texas judge sentenced a teen to no jail time - despite being convicted of DUI manslaughter and responsible for the death of four people - as a result of the boy being too spoiled by his rich family. The judge agreed with the defendant's "affluenza" excuse, that being coddled for so many years left the boy unable to appreciate the serious consequences of his actions.
Making an estate plan is an important step in taking control of your financial life, but you must have an accurate and complete picture of your overall net worth and potential for growth of your net worth in the future.
When one is coming up with an estate plan there is a common practice that some people engage in. That practice is putting their name on a bank account with their child or what is also known as having the bank account titled jointly
Some families are blessed with a child that is extremely successful in terms of wealth. This article discusses how to perform proper estate planning when you want take this factor into account along with your other children.

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Video Vandal Topples His Own Personal Injury Lawsuit

Three Boy Scout leaders giggled as they videotaped Glenn Taylor toppling a boulder that was part of a 160 million year old rock formation in Goblin Valley Utah. Not only did they record a video of the event, they uploaded the footage to Facebook. The story took a strange legal twist as it was discovered that the man who pushed the one ton boulder had just filed a personal injury lawsuit just a few weeks earlier.

MIA in Arbitration for Super Bowl Obscenity

Bad girl rapper and singer, M.I.A., addressed the public about how she feels about the N.F.L. demanding $1.5 million and a public apology for her 2012 Super Bowl antics. During the halftime show, M.I.A. flipped her middle finger at the crowd while mouthing "I don't give a s**t" and caused a firestorm of controversy since censors didn't catch the gesture before being broadcast.

Grand Theft Auto V a Total Fail for 3 Players

Three young men decided to impersonate a police officer in order to bypass a huge line of video gamers waiting for hours to buy a copy of Grand Theft Auto V on the day of its release. Remarkably, after they got away with the ruse, the trio couldn't drive properly out of the mall without attraction attention from an unmarked police car.

Lawyer Who “Loves F—ing People Over For Money” in Trouble

A lawyer at a multinational law firm was caught on YouTube admitting that he "loves f-cking people over for money" - which some believe is a dictionary definition for an attorney. As a result of being caught on camera by the Oxford student TV station, the young lawyer faces disciplinary action and termination from his high paying London job.