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Personal injury is a broad term that can cover a number of different injuries. Slip and fall cases are a subset of personal injury cases; however, victims often remain extremely ambivalent about...
The dissolution of a marriage is a legal act that may not coincide with the emotional tearing asunder. Divorce is typically a painful process for all concerned. While it can take adults time to...
There's no set formula though to determine how much money you can get after a bicycle accident. As every individual is different, each case is different. You might be able to formulate an estimate...
A detailed article on ownership and registration of pleasure crafts, licensing, use and legal limitations and chartering of pleasure boats.
Custody cases involving Driving under the Influence (DUI) are quite complicated due to the severity and emphasis which a court may place on DUI charges.
The statute of limitations for IRS audits has 3 layers based on the circumstances in the case. Understand the layers and limits for prosecution.

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    Trump Criticism of Judge Spurs Outrage in Legal Circles

    Donald Trump's questioning a California federal court judge's impartiality as a result of his Hispanic heritage has drawn harsh criticism from the legal community.
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    Gawker Files for Bankruptcy Protection

    Gawker Media filed for federal bankruptcy protection and may avoid payment of a $140 million jury verdict to Hulk Hogan.
  3. Featured

    Ed Sheeran Sued in Amazing Copyright Infringement Lawsuit

    Renowned pop music singer, Ed Sheeran, was hit with a $20 million copyright infringement lawsuit. Legitimate claim or copyright trolling?
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    Crime Documentary "Murder in the Park" Movie Review

    Documentary film "Murder in the Park" is one of the most fascinating and disturbing stories concerning an Illinois justice system failure where the guilty were freed and innocent convicted.
  5. Jury Finds Google's Android Lawful Fair Use of Java API

    A jury in U.S. District Court in San Francisco concluded unanimously that Google made lawful "fair use" of Oracle's Java API in its Android operating system and is not liable for copyright...
  6. Calorie Free "Zero" Trademark Decision Results in Answers and Questions

    The Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB) ruled that Coca-Cola could register it's "zero" brand of calorie free soft drinks but had no exclusive right to its use.

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