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A detailed article on ownership and registration of pleasure crafts, licensing, use and legal limitations and chartering of pleasure boats.
Custody cases involving Driving under the Influence (DUI) are quite complicated due to the severity and emphasis which a court may place on DUI charges.
The statute of limitations for IRS audits has 3 layers based on the circumstances in the case. Understand the layers and limits for prosecution.
A short list of critically important things that you must know about dealing with the DOJ in a criminal tax case.
How to place a bank levy or "freeze" the online bank account of a debtor and collect money. Steps and detailed explanation of the process in California.
Understanding different types of alimony and the factors the court uses in determining the amount of alimony you can expect to receive in a divorce.

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  1. White Collar Crime: Do The Harsh Sentences Fit The Crime?

    The term for cybercrime and similar non-violent charges is “white collar” which refers to criminal charges that can range from internet fraud, possession and distribution of copyright materials.
  2. Time Warner Ordered To Pay $230k For 153 Robocalls

    A New York federal court ordered Time Warner Cable to pay a Texas woman $230K for robocalls (automated phone calls) to her cell phone 153 times in one year.
ESPN's Adam Schefter somehow obtained photos of medical records concerning football star Jason Pierre-Paul's finger amputation. Were there HIPAA violations?
Google will provide a revenge porn removal form, joining an emerging body of law to battle the problem. A brief review of new law and criminal prosecutions.
A former rainmaker of bankrupt power law firm, Dewey & LeBouef, testified as to the critical meeting which incensed other partners and led to its collapse.
In Colorado, where marijuana use may be lawful, the court upheld the termination of an employee based upon federal law and a "zero tolerance" drug policy.
Understand what domain name proxies and privacy services are and their liability. Learn tricks to get beyond the shield and shut down spammy websites.
StubHub sued the Golden State Warriors and Ticketmaster alleging unfair and anti-competitive practices designed to obtain a ticket resale monopoly.

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