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    1. Car accidents, bus accidents, motorcycle accidents, personal injuries suffered concerning motor vehicles and the failure of a driver to exercise reasonable care.

    2. General accidents, negligence and personal injury including slip and fall, dog bites, construction accidents, premises liability, wrongful death, strict liability, defective products, inadequate warnings, dangerous drugs, asbestos, mesothelioma, vioxx, Accutane, Paxil and others.

    3. False statements that injure another person that are written (libel) or spoken (slander), false light injury, rights of publicity and some issues concerning privacy rights.

    4. Injury suffered due to the negligence of a professional such as medical malpractice ( doctor, nurse, dentist, health care responsible for a birth injury, operating room accident, failure to diagnose), legal (attorneys) and other (accountants, brokers and members of the clergy.)

    1. Law covering the purchase and sale of automobiles and motor vehicles, new and used, car dealers, private sales, the federal lemon law (the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act), car financing, contracts and warranties. See also auto loans, car loans & repossession.

    2. Charges and issues concerning drinking and driving (automobile, boat, train or other vehicle) including DUI (driving under the influence), DWI (driving while intoxicated), BUI, BWI, breathalyzer, blood alcohol level and sobriety tests.

    3. Application and renewals of a driver's license, points on your a license, suspension and reinstatement of a driver's license. Regulations and issues concerning the registration of motor vehicles, title to the vehicle, inspection of equipment.

    4. Parking tickets, towing issues, repossession and other non-moving violations including matters in parking hearings, ticket mistakes.

    5. Automobile tickets and citations, speeding and radar, careless and reckless driving, failure to yield, seat belt tickets, cell phone and texting tickets, traffic lane and traffic control violations.

    1. Issues concerning business or personal bankrutpcy, Federal Bankruptcy Court, reorganization, Chapter 7, Chapter 11, Chapter 13, and assets protected from creditors.

    2. Law and regulations concerning business debts, collections, debt collectors, auto loans, repo, credit cards, credit rating, medical bills, student loans.

    1. Internal management of partnerships and corporations, bylaws, business operations, contracts, franchise law, shareholders, purchase and sale, dissolution and financial matters.

    2. Issues concerning creating a new business, choosing the right entity, sole proprietorships, partnerships, c & s corporations, LLC, LLP, PLLC, articles of incorporation, registered agents and corporate bylaws. Issues concerning non-profit or not for profit organizations, also known as 501(c)(3) companies.

    1. Banks, personal finance, investments in the stock market and other money making opportunities.

    2. Report a scam, slam or alert about a company's practice that you find deceptive

    3. Issues concerning consumer transactions in general, retailers, private sales, service providers (cable, phone, Internet, utilities), travel, recreation, home repair, construction, animal and pet law and the UCC.

    1. Criminal charges for alcohol and drug related crimes, DUI-DWI, guns and weapons offenses, assault & battery, burglary, home invasion, arson, computer crime, fraud, financial crimes (bad checks, embezzlement), stalking, harassment, trespass, sex crimes, shoplifting, robbery and theft. See also:
      DUI, DWI & Drunk Driving · Child Abuse, Child Porn · Juvenile Crime · TRO, Protective & Restraining Order

    2. Criminal procedure in criminal court, beginning from search and seizure, Miranda warning, warrants and arrests by the police. Following is arraignment and bail. If necessary are criminal trials, sentencing, plea bargains and restitution. There may be parole, probation, prison & jail and restitution. Also covers criminal attorneys, public defenders and the criminal justice system.

    3. Issues concerning criminal records, what can be seen, who can obtain them, how to remove or "expunge" criminal records, sealing criminal records. Also see Background Checks for Employment.

    4. Issues concerning officers of the court and their conduct including criminal defense lawyers, retainer agreements, court appointed lawyers and how to obtain representation, judges, ineffective assistance of counsel.

    5. Plea arrangements and the sentencing of criminal defendants to probation, parole requests, hearings, probation and parole violations.

    1. Discussion of issues concerning Human Resources departments and professionals

    2. Legal issues concerning "freelance" jobs or private contractors - work performed by someone who is not an employee. Also includes artists, musicians, renovators, designers and craftsmen.

    3. Eligibility and requirements for unemployment benefits, how to apply, denial of benefits, duration, extension.

    4. Injuries caused in or suffered as a result of the workplace, workman's compensation law, how to file a claim, qualification, disputes and awards.

    1. Other issues concerning estate planning and administration including elder law issues concerning people growing older, medicaid, disability, medicare.

    2. Administration of an estate, handling probate court, whether the estate needs to pass through probate, distribution of assets to heirs, payment of expenses to creditors.

    3. General estate planning including financial planning, the requirements for and how to create a will or a trust and other documents.

    4. How to create and draft a power of attorney or a living will document, the different types of instruments and the powers and rights they grant, how to limit powers or revoke them.

    5. Dealing with guardians, conservators, court appointed, wards.

    1. Legal matters concerning children: Child support and child custody, visitation, adoption, child neglect and abuse, paternity, DNA tests, emancipation and adoption.

    2. The process of terminating a marriage, annulments, legal separation that may be required prior to a divorce decree, alimony and spousal support, division of property and mediation.

    3. Legal issues arising from engagements and living together, how to legally formalize a marriage, name changes, guardianship and disability, Elder Law and also domestic violence and restraining orders.

    1. Issues concerning the Constitution, rights and freedoms, violations of personal civil rights.

    2. Law and regulations pertaining to the educational system, the public school system, special needs issues including qualification and testing, special education, also includes private schooling systems.

    3. Law, regulations and benefits concerning the military, the army, navy, air force, marines and coast guard, recruiting and enlisting, criminal matters, military court, military benefits and veterans disability.

    4. Social Security law, disability and health government benefits and programs, SSI (Supplemental Security Income) and SSDI (Social Security Disability Insurance).

    5. Tax law, personal and business taxes, tax returns, the IRS, state and local taxes.

    6. Any other matters pertaining to government and governmental law, requirements and eligibility for government grants, public assistance programs, small business, welfare, voting and election law.

    1. Education and student visa (F1, F2, F3), OPT, cultural program (J1, J2), vocational and technical school (M1).

    2. Work Visas (B1, B2, H1B, H2A, H2B, H3), intracompany transfer visa (L), Ability & Achivement(O, P1, P2), trade and investor visa (E), G Visa, TN Visa for Canadian and Mexican workers.

    3. Legal matters concerning Green Card issues arising after permanent residency is established and the naturalization process to obtain U.S. Citizenship.

    4. Family-based immigration, K1 Visa (Fiance - Fiancee) K2 (children) K3 (Marriage) IR-1/CR-1 Spousal Visa.

    5. Visiting the U.S., tourist visa (B1) medical treatment (B2), passport, port of entry and visa waiver.

    6. Concerning immigration status and applications including criminal records and crime in moral turpitude (CIMT), overstay, unlawful presence, unlawful entry, deportation, reentry, I-212 admission, asylum and all other immigration issues.

    1. Obtaining insurance for motor vehicles, making insurance claims and dealing with insurance companies, matters concerning uninsured vehicles and motorists.

    2. Obtaining health insurance coverage, policies, HIPPA, HMO programs, long term disability insurance and other legal issues concerning healthcare insurance.

    3. Homeowners insurance and affect the home such as fire, storm, tornado, earthquake and natural disaster insurance.

    4. Coverage and legal issues concerning life insurance, annuities, homeowners insurance, commercial insurance policies, shipping.

    1. Legal protection of creations - copyright ("works of authorship" such as books, music, movies and software), trademark (brands, logos, slogans, business identity), patent (inventions). Issues concerning trade secrets, infringement, the DMCA and the USPTO (US Patent & Trademark Office.)

    2. Law concerning cyberspace, frequently copyright law, includes eBay, Facebook, Twitter, Groupon, Linked-In, online dating, spam email, online auctions, online deals.

    1. Alternative dispute resolution "ADR" includes arbitration and mediation. It is usually quicker and cheaper than in-court litigation. Includes collaborative law, AAA, JAMS and is used for domain name disputes.

    2. Issues concerning civil litigation - how to start a lawsuit, answer a complaint, respond to a summons, service, subpoenas, and discovery, motion practice.

    3. Issues concerning expert witnesses, private investigators, hiring, in-court testimony, the need for experts, evidentiary matters.

    4. Issues concerning enforcing a judgment, collective damages won after trial, information subpoena and restraining orders, wage garnishment, asset location and recovery.

    5. Matters concerning law students, careers in law, paralegal training and licensing, legal secretaries, other jobs in law and law enforcement, law outline exchange.

    6. The practice of law, operating and managing a law firm, ethics, state law licensing, continuing legal education and issues concerning the state and local bar associations.

    7. Small claims courts and municipal courts with a low dollar value. Usually covers general civil claims that are under $10,000 and may be settled in one or a limited number of hearings.

    1. Law and legal issues concerning the purchase and sale of residential and commercial real estate, including financing, mortgages and foreclosure as well as condo and co-op matters.

    2. Legal issues concerning ownership of real estate and title to real property. Includes boundary disputes, adverse possession and easements, zoning and eminent domain, title and deeds including quitclaim deeds.

    1. All issues concerning commercial property being leased by a landlord to a tenant including lease agreements, security deposits, utilities, cost of living increases and eviction.

    2. Regulation and the process of eviction of a tenant by a landlord. Includes 3 day notice, holdover eviction, non-payment of rent and injunctive measures such as the Yellowstone Injunction.

    3. Legal matters concerning moving in and moving out of a premises including issues with movers and moving companies, the landlord and the managing agents.

    4. Landlord tenant issues concerning the use of the rental property such as quiet enjoyment (undisturbed use of the leased property) and noisy neighbors, rent, utilities, living conditions, repairs, maintenance, additional fees, tenant abatements, roommates and joint leases and pet issues.

    5. Drafting and understanding rent and lease agreements, including any additional lease agreements concerning the same property (sublease) by the original tenant to another tenant (subtenant).

    6. Matters concerning roommates or housemates including where multiple tenants sign one lease and are responsible for lease obligations as joint leaseholders and tenants.

    7. Issues concerning the amount a landlord may hold as a security deposit, treatment of security deposits by a landlord and the timely return of security deposits.

    8. Any other Landlord & Tenant issue not covered.

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