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wrongly arrested due to false police reports and perjury in san joaquin family court

Discussion in 'Civil Court, Procedure & Litigation' started by theresjustice4u, Mar 27, 2013.

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  1. theresjustice4u

    theresjustice4u Law Topic Starter New Member

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    My ex committed perjury by filing claims of past emotional and psychological abuse and I was given a temp restraining order. I filed my response showing past and current photos, text, e-mails and signed statements of daycare providers and neighbors showing that clearly there wwas no truth to any of the statements filed by my ex. Soon after while in court my ex stated that the temp DVRO would be droped if I agreed to the amount of support and visitation times. The judge left the temp DVRO in place but instructed my ex to be prepared to show legal proof to the claims made and then continued the case for a month. Within days my ex contacted me about a deal and droping the whole case. I assume out of fear of being caught for perjury. The fallowing day we walked into court together filed the complete dismissal of the case and all matters attached as in the DVRO. On nov 2. I received the the stamped document stating the case was dissmissed as well as the DVRO. On nov 6 my ex contacted the local police witch was a different county and claimed I was sending threats and harassing text and that it violated a current DVRO.
    The officer contacted me at what point I informed the officer of the dismissal was told I was lying. Then a few days later I went to the police station to aid in enforcement of the visitation exchange due to past issues and at that time presented the original stamped document from the court regarding the DVRO being dismissed and after a quick glance the officer being the same that called me prior handed Iit back and stated the ink looked fresh and I must have made it. I then requested the officer call the issuing county or police station and conferm the document.I was told no and the officer stated he did not have to do that. This was the response I rereceived for nearly a month untill one of the police there called and then the papers were known to be accurate. Two months later after reporting on a treat received by my ex I was arrested for violation of a DVRO on nov 6th at witch time a warrent was requested and issued. I was arrested dispite having the stamped court papers on me and presenting them to the police at the time of the arrest.
    A was released a few days later and after 3 months the court reviewed the dismissed dvro and the dates then droped the charges.
    Sense then I have had many negative interactions with that same police department and have been threatened with more arrests amd even have a recording of a sargent saying that they can make it stick this time refering to the arrest being droped.

    Do I have a case?
  2. army judge

    army judge Super Moderator

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    If I were you, I'd stop pressing my luck.

    The police have many ways they can, let's say, make your life uncomfortable.

    Unless you're a billionaire, those rights people speak about, aren't that ironclad.

    If I were you, I'd steer clear of those cops.

    Yeah, yeah, but, but, but you got rights.

    You're in the right.

    It's hard, but let it go.

    You've got a case, a pretty good one, if you were the only one allowed to speak.

    Cops aren't dumb, they're very clever.

    I'd move on, but if you must push it, talk to a couple local lawyers, see what they say.

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