Negligence, Other Injury wrongful termination



Wrongfully terminated??

Had an accident(minor vehicle side panel damages).

Got suspended for 3days and was guaranteed that I wasn't being terminated, "just suspended and could return to work."

Worked 1 day and terminated the very next day.
Based solely on the facts in your post, this is not a wrongful termination as defined by law and your sole recourse would be to file for unemployment (which you would probably get). And, obviously, to look for other work.

If you have additional facts that you think would change the answer, please post them and we can re-assess.
Agree that based JUST on what you posted, this is not a wrongful termination. You just can't be terminated due to a reason prohibited by law such as religion, race, gender......or unless you have a binding employment contract to the contrary.

File for unemployment ins. - the state will decide if you qualify & look for other employment.

Good luck.