Would you hire this guy?

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I refer to the recent death of the technical manager at your company and hereby apply for the replacement of the deceased manager.

Each time I apply for a job, I get a reply that there is no vacancy but in this case I have caught you red-handed and you have no excuse because I even attended the funeral to be sure that he was truly dead and buried before applying.

Attached to my letter is a copy of my resume and his death certificate.
Dear Applicant,

We thank you for your recent application. After a careful review of materials you submitted, we are sorry to inform you we do not feel you are a positive fit for the position. Please feel free to follow up with the future demise of our employees and apply for those positions. A death certificate is not required with each submission.
No. While I have to admire his ingenuity, just because there is an opening doesn't mean he automatically gets it.

I would probably either not respond or respond with the fact that the company is reviewing the position and will review his resume along with the rest of the applicants. While I would love to send what disagreeable stated, I wouldn't go that far.
I wouldn't hire either. Actually, I'm retired & don't have to worry about hiring anyone. A friend sent this to me in an e-mail & I posted it since I thought it was kind of funny/clever (but not professional). :)
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