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Terance Powell

If i am a salaried manager how many days can I work in a row legally?
If you are full time and do not work in emergency services or the railroads, then law says you have at least one day off each calendar week (and the calendar is set by the employer so it's not always Sun-Sat). Note that this means that you can end up working twelve days in a row legally, if you have off Sunday one week and then work straight through and get the Saturday off the second week.
I don't know if it is still the case because I no longer do this kind of work but it used to be that CA would be satisfied as long as, in a four week period, the employee had four full days off.
No, for most employees, it's calendar weeks. The month-based time off applies to some of the people exempted from that (notably the emergency workers mentioned before).

Note to answer the original question, you can work as many consecutive days as you like. The employer just can not require you work all seven days of the calendar week.
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