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My company is currently in civil litigation with a competitor and an
unusual situation has arisen. The head of the other company has
recently attempted to bribe the son of one of our employees with the
promise of $20,000 and a building for him to run his business out of if
he could talk his father into testifying that we (our company) stole a
client list from his company.

I'm not a lawyer, but it certainly seems that this action is
wrong...and perhaps criminally. What might such an action be
classified under so that I can do a little research? Also, do you have
any articles/bills, etc. that may be interesting reading regarding this

Best, and thank you in advance....

Ken Allan Huggins
You could file a police report and file for a felony warrant. It will be hard to prove in the end if they did not go through with it but you can try.
If the offer is still on the table, contact the police to make a report and then let them coordinate things from there. They may have him complete the deal so they can make a bust.
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