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I am trying to find out if there is any way to get out of a subpoena...get charges dropped.. anything.
I use to work at a local sheriffs office and an inmate had 2 felony charges put against her because she hit me. I no longer work there and do not care if she gets the charges or not. I have already been to grand jury but she did not take the plea deal the DA offered... so now its on to trial. Is there anyway to just get rid of this!?!?!?!
No. Don't be stupid and ignore it, either.

Appear as directed and tell the truth.

You don't wanna end up an inmate in the jail where you once worked.
The assault against you was also a crime against the state. Your personal feelings may have changed, but the state should certainly follow through with the prosecution to make sure inmates know there are consequences for assaulting staff.
If you fail to show for your subpoena you will likely make things worse for yourself. Just show up and let the DA know how you are feeling.
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