Wire Transfer lost due to Bank negligence

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In Nov, 2006, I asked UBS to send a Wire from US to my Account with Citibank in Germany. Due to the negligence of UBS, it was mis-routed to a Bank in India, to a bank where I don't even have an account! Since last 2 months I waiting for UBS to return the funds to me, and there does not seem to be any progress.

Is there any legal protection for me to recover the funds?
Any advise on this matter will be highly appreciated,
Can u suggest a lawyer whom I can contact online,

Thanks in advance,
You need to hire a lawyer in the town where the bank is.
I can only go by what the bank that I work for does, and that is, if a wire comes in that is on a name or account number that is not one of ours, it is returned to the issueing bank. Even if the name is spelled incorrectly it has to be sent back so it can be fixed. As to what your bank has done with the money I do not know. It should be there in your account since it could not be deposited.
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