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will i make it off probation Parole, Probation

Discussion in 'Probation, Parole, Incarceration' started by Guest, Mar 6, 2014.

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    So when i was in colorado i got a felony when i was 18 and went to jail for a couple months and when i got out i was offered 2 years of probation with community service, some classes and to be doing work/school full time. well i transferred to a different state and was going to online school for a bit and after a year transferred to another state. i was going to online school here but when i dropped out to transfer to a university i got held up because of my criminal charges and now it won't be until may until i can go to school. i am scheduled to get off probation in the middle of april and i can not find a job right now anywhere, not even mcdonalds...the thing is my current probation officer where i live now really likes me and believes that i have changed and am trying as hard as i can BUT my probation officer back in the original state doesn't like me at all and neither does the judge. i was wondering what the chances of me getting off are even though i can't find work and won't be going to school until a month after I'm supposed to get off probation. my current p.o said she would put in a good word for me and told me not to come back and see her anymore..i then asked if i can come back 2 days after the day I'm supposed to get off to see if i made it and she said that would be ok. i live with my grandparents now and they are going to write a letter to my p.o and tell her that i am going to be working around the house for them full time. like i said my current p.o is awesome but the ones in the original state i think hate me. what are my chances? I've completed all of my community service, paid all my fines, went to all my court ordered classes and never failed a UA and never missed a meeting and have been a model probation person minus the fact that at the moment i have no job or school. my p.o said that she would tell the judge and p.o in colorado that i followed all of my terms and if they asked about work she would say i have school set up in may. someone please give me some reassurance and let me know. i live in an area right now with NO WORK and i am applying everywhere.
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    Very hard to say, OP. As they used to say on the old Mickey Mouse Club on Wednesdays:



    What concerns me, is you were allegedly told NOT to return.
    I've always told my criminal clients, get EVERYTHING in writing and signed.
    If you don't, it NEVER happened!

    I'd return and ask her if she'd put it in writing about it being okay NOT to return.

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