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What rights do I have

Discussion in 'Other Family Law Matters' started by onfused1, May 21, 2007.

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  1. onfused1

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    last March I was deposed by my ex wifes attorney who flew up to PA to take my deposition.
    I refused to answer several questions as I did not understand them nor did i have my attorney present. When asked if i could call my lawyer who was unable to attend the deposition I was told I could not.
    At the end of the depsition i refused to wave my rights to a reading of the deposition, which I understood would allow me to make corrections to errors or ommisions. The attorney was livid to say the least because I would not waive my rights and stormed out of the room.
    Months later she filed several documents with the court which contained libelous/slanderous and inflamitory statements, which simply were untrue and total fabrications I responded by filing a complaint with the Florida bar who had just last year sanctioned her for being basically dishonest and in addition was sentenced by a judge there to 3 days in jail for misconduct in the court.
    Now I currently have an attorney in Florida, but instead she last week sent to my home the deposition 15 months after taking it, knowing I filed a complaint regarding my non waiver of my right to make corrections and her failure to provide me a copy of the deposition in a timely manner.
    Further in filings with the court she stated to the court i had been arrested for holding a knife to my children, and that I was arrested for child pornography. She claimed my brother in law had called my ex and told her that.
    Needless to say he did not, and will swear to it. She has filed several false statements with the court in the past.
    Question 1. Should she be having direcect contact with me considering I have council?
    Question 2. Does her sending me the deposition 15 months later and after a complaint to the Florida bar substantiate my complaint ?
    Question 3. Would a sworn affidavit from my brother in law to the bar regarding her vicious filing be of use to the bar in this complaint?
    Question 4. Should I inform the bar of this direct contact and sending me the deposition after filing the complaint hold any water with the bar?
    Question 5. There are several inclusions in the deposition which I never stated and further others taken out of context, can I correct them at this point?

    One further item, my ex and I had both agreed in January to dismiss both cross complaints for modification to the custody of our children. All facts being known on or before the date of the agreement to dismiss and acceptance by the court.
    Her attorney turned around and filed a new modification for custody changes, based on facts that had been known prior to the dismissal of the last cross complaint. Is it as my council says, frivilous and without merit, and should be thrown out as a point of law? I trust the integrity of vthis forum and value the advice given me in past postings.

    Thank you for you're expert legal opinions.

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