Criminal Trials, Hearings What can you do if an officer makes false statements in a jury trial?


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Hi an officer involved in my jury trial made false statements on record in his testimony. I have all the info to back up my claim, who would I bring this info to. To have this officer and what he said on record investigated. I have no idea who to go to with my claims, can anyone help me with this issue.
This should have been addressed in court when it happened.
Unless you can prove the statements were knowingly false you likely don't have much to work with.
Its been around a little over 2 years since the trial ,and my defense console was one the major problems in my trial. She put the burden on the state, didn't properly question the witnesses and cops when on the stand. I live in a small town ,all the lawyers offices are located within half a mile of the court house. They all know each other and my public defender basically screwed me on a case she could have won very easy. I couldn't say anything in court and was bullied out of testifying by my lawyer. I would have fired the public defender but I wanted out of jail. I had spent 118 days in jail by the time the jury trial started, My speeding trial rights were violated. I'm In the appeals process now, have no defense console or lawyer anymore to console. But if this officer perjured himself on record on the stand and I have that record. And also have information to prove what he said was wrong. How can I bring this to light ,because I'm a little upset. And a court room is not a place to be making false statements do you agree? What do I go to the cops with this information? I don't know I was hoping to find that answer here
Talk to a local attorney. See what you can learn.

By the way, you think it's false. A court might rule otherwise. We all have opinions and beliefs. Just because we believe a thing, doesn't mean a court will agree with us.