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About a year ago my father passed away which lead to me inheriting his vehicle and everything of his that would fit into the car. One of which was a firearm. As luck would have it, while I was transporting the vehicle I was pulled over. I was charged with felon in possession of a firearm. Ok now here's where it gets interesting. When I got pulled over I had my dog with me so I asked the arresting officer of we could drop my dog off at my girlfriend's house around the corner and her agreed. As we pulled up to the house she was just returning home with 2 friends. As they were all standing outside talking the officer proceeds to tell them that the ride along junior explorer that he had with him pointed my car out from down the street(approx half a block away)and said "let's pull that car over". Granted, my tags were expired but there was no way for them to know that because we were traveling in opposite directions heading towards each other. I came to the stop first and turned left in front of them and they followed. So they pulled me over' found the gun and had my car towed. Now back at my girlfriend's house they talked and we were about to leave. I had my girlfriend's cellphone and her housekeys and credit card which I asked him to give to her but he refused. He said he was taking them to the station with us for some reason. That he would bring them to her. He never did and they never ended up in my property. So he basically stole them. She bailed me out and we called the station to find out where my deceased father's car ended up. The station had NO record of the car being towed so they couldn't tell me where it was. So I had to wait till I went to court only to find out that it was 2 days too late. The tow yard now owned my father's car. And to top it off the officers official paperwork stated that the car was empty at the time of tow. I tell you with God as my witness, I couldn't have put one more thing in that car. It was packed to the headliner with computers, tools, bikes, and miscellaneous stuff of my dad's. All that I had left of him. The tow yard admitted that the car had a lot of stuff in it and they tried to charge me 200 dollars to get it back. So they stole: my girl's phone, credit card, house keys. My dad's car and all his tools, computers, bikes, and worse of all they stole my pictures and his personal items that could never be replaced. I already went to court on this and got sentenced to probation and work release. I explained my situation but they didn't care. Is it to late to do anything?
Is it to late to do anything?

You will only know if it is too late when you try to do something and are denied.

Based upon your recitation of events, to prevail you will need proof, not just mere allegations.
Your post was very long and rambling and I lost interest about 2/3 of the way through.

Is it to late to do anything?

The only temporal information in your post is that your father died about a year ago. Otherwise we have no relevant information. That being said, the answer is almost certainly no since no conceivably relevant statutes of limitations are less than two years.
Though your property was lost, it was not "stolen".

Quite a bit of time had to pass before the car could be transferred to the tow agency. Did you really only try one time after bailing out to locate it?
Did you make any effort to register the vehicle in your name?
I too have had property of my deceased father stolen by police officers and know how upsetting it is to go through this "theft". The fact that you were singled out was an unfortunate, yet still genuine because you were unregistered, a felon, and had a gun. Riding around like that is illegal, dangerous, and you had to of known would get you in trouble. You are lucky you didn't get 10 years in prison for the gun! Unfortunately your never going to get anything back. Bottom line is that in the view of the officer, your a criminal and he is protected by the law. You were used as an example to his ride-along and the boundaries that the law provides the few officers that are dirty. Consider yourself lucky, I lost over $65,000 in gold and silver to a group of officers that later got caught red handed.

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I know that I may upset a few people on this site by my accusations about police, but I had direct proof as to the theft, and my father was a public figure directly affiliated to city government. Nobody cared and nobody even batted an eyelash until the three officers were brought to justice for other thefts. It happens, and I feel for the OP.

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