New York
Hello thank you for helping i wanted to ask is it illegal to be on administrative leave and not get paid. I was not given anything inwriting only I should leave and they will call me back . I received only half my check of which I physically worked are they able to do this
Thank u
Yes, you can be on administrative leave with pay, and without pay.
With or without pay is legal.
In many cases, with or without pay is a prelude to termination.
To be sure, you should ask your supervisor/manager, HR Rep, or your payroll manager.
Yes, you can be put on leave without pay unless you have a CBA or other binding employment contract to the contrary.

Did you ask your employer why you were not paid for all time actually worked? If necessary, you can file a wage claim.

(Not sure why this question was posted in the "real estate law" forum & titled "water".)