Rent, Utilities Water Utility Not Paid by Tenant

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We have a tenant that is behind in rent for 4 months or $5900. On the rental agreement it stipulates that the tenant is responsible for paying water. The water is spring fed on our property. If tenant is equally behind in their water bill. Can I turn off water to their rental?
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Short answer: No, you may not interrupt their utilities.

Why have you not started the eviction process if they are four months behind on their rent?
Yes, you can certainly turn the water off, but doing so opens you to civil liabilities if the tenant should decide to sue you. I'm sure you don't want that.
The sooner you begin a legal eviction the better. As of now you are about 4 months behind on that. You could have had them out by now.
That ain't no tenant, yo, that's a mooching leech. LOL
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