Tourist Visa Wait time to come to US

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Hi All,

TIA to all. Please share any your advise regarding this.

My Mom came to US on June 4th 2023 and will be staying with us until August 18th 2023, although her I-94 says she is admitted until Dec 3rd 2023. She is planning to come back and visit us again in sometime November 2023. Is that wait time ok or will there be any issues at POE??
The I-94 only covers a single visit to the US. Once she leaves the US, it has no more validity. To answer the question requires us to know on what basis she is entering the country: ESTA/VWP, Visa?

Presuming that she is on a still on a valid visitor, it's largely up to the personnel at the point of entry if she is flaunting the stay durations. While anything is possible, it looks like these time periods don't approach anything that would trigger that. Both the fact that she stayed much less than six months on her first visit and there are several months before the second.
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