violation of restraining order

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my ex had a civil protection order against me but she continued to hang around me and date me but soon as the first argument occured she flips and call the police 7 days later and fill a report and now i gotta go to trail for 26 counts of criminal contemp
That's what happens when YOU fail to heed the conditions of a restraining order commanding YOU to stay away from her!

Depending on the judge, you might be able to get this dropped or reduced if it can be shown that she agreed to allow you to come around. But, ultimately, judges dislike being ignored.

Consult local counsel ASAP.

- Carl
Counsel is an attorney.

If you can prove that she agreed to meet with you, then you might just have a case here. I don't know where you live and what the laws are, but that many counts is serious unless you can prove that it was a mutual thing.

Good Luck

I am n dc the state has picked up the case

I can t afford a laywer how can I can get a laywer. I paid 500 for a lady that said she will handle my case the date of my pre trail she told me that this out of her league she dont handle criminal only civil and every lawyer wants 3000 and up. what do i do
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