Parole, Probation Violation of federal supervised release

US Federal Law
I've got a friend who was sentenced to a year and a day in federal prison and 6 years supervised release. He was released from prison a year and a half ago and has had several dirty ua's and his po finally violated him and they put him in a 90 day Christian based rehab. He completed the program and as soon as he got out he got high like and idiot. He failed a drug test and his po had to report him to the judge so he ran. My question is what are the ramifications of what he has done. Sure he can go into hiding and maybe get away with it for a couple years. But in the end e will get caught. What will his punishment be then?
He'll eventually be revoked.
The judge will sentence him to some form of incarceration.
The term of incarceration could be his maximum original sentence.
He might also be charged with a new crime related to his absconding, or ESCAPE, because parole is a virtual form of imprisonment.
He's made his life extremely complicated.
He won't enjoy his punishment.
He isn't getting a new charge, but the guidelines on a grade B violation is what it sounds like depending on his criminal history (at the time of his original sentence) can be 4-10 months, 8-12, 21-24 etc but each carries a statutory maximum the judge must not go over. This has nothing to do with the Supreme Court's decision in striking down the guidelines as mandatory (booker v. USA) but those are the advisement the judge can give. Good luck to your friend.