Verbal agreement of ownership

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I moved in withy grandmother 3 years ago when she could no longer live by herself, I took care of Dr. Appointments and anything else she needed to do. I was promised by her and her daughter,who has power of attorney, that I could have the car once something happened. She recently feel and broke her foot and has been in a rehab facility for about a month, now her daughter wants to put her in a nursing home. She told me Wednesday that she wants to put the house on the market and take the car on march 1. My grandmother still says she wants me to have the car but she has demintia. Can I fight my aunt on the car agreement? And how long does she have to legally give use to find a place and move everything?
If your grandmother wants you to give you the car, nothing is preventing that.
All you need to do is have her sign the title over to you.
Your aunt can't evict you.
Your grandmother must do that.
But, it's probably time for you to move out on your own.

Granny doesn't need you to care for her as long as she's in a facility.
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