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In the state of Florida is it considered fraud or identity fraud if you use your former last name? My husbands ex-wife has been using our Blue Cross and Blue Shield health insurance and uses her former last name to get away with it. Is there anything I am able to do about this cause its causing us problems with being able to use our insurance. I have already contacted the insurance company and they are still paying out. Any advise will help. Thanks.
Is insurance coverage part of what she was granted during her divorce proceedings? And if not, how does she have an updated card? Doctor's offices have ways to confirm if the coverage is current before they provide services. There is obviously more to the story here...
Yes, you are correct there is more to the story. She wasn't granted insurance coverage however, my Step-daughter was granted insurance coverage. Therefore, she has an up to date insurance card for my step-daughter. The insurance coverage is Blue Cross and Blue Shield and she was removed from our poilicy. The insurance company has recieved several copies of the divorce decree and she was removed in 2005. However, she continues to use my step daughters insurance card. What can be done?
The matter has been reported and there is money coming out of my husbands pocket when we recieve the statements for the unpaid medical expenses. Insurance is in my husbands name and it looks bad on him having all the unpaid balances.
Then go to higher ups in insurance carrier and threaten EX with law suit. You might even ask Police if this is fraud? Keep all documentation you have and especially any admissions or statements from Ex.
So what it comes down to is that help for this issue is hard to come by unless the State Attorney or someone is willing to pick it up and take it to court. This isn't the first time I've asked for assistance with this matter and no one could answer anything. I greatly appreciate any advise and assistance I can recieve. So filing with the police station would be the first step to getting something done about this?
Request from the insurance company to flag your husband's insurance account so as of every time she tries to use the card and benefit from it, the doctor's offices she goes to will have to verify coverage. As previously posted, a police report wouldn't hurt your case and a suit in small claims court will stop her cold on her tracks when it comes to commiting this illegal act. Good luck to you!
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