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Unpaid attorneys fees--PLEASE HELP

Discussion in 'Other Family Law Matters' started by carol9164, Apr 25, 2007.

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  1. carol9164

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    I hired my lawyer nearly 4 years ago to represent me in a modification of unallocated family support case my XH filed based on his unemployment.

    My XH falsified documents re: income but this was not presented to the judge. I was told this would all come out in the "trial". XH's modification was granted.

    We had a clear contractual agreement for 36 months of maintenance but the judge allowed it's termination. When I asked my lawyer to appeal, he said we would. He told me for nearly 2 years we could appeal or that "it would all be worked out in trial". I later found out we had 30 days to appeal.

    A new judgment was entered for his CS to be set at 28% of his income the day of my remarriage. He was unemployed at that time and was receiving only $800 a month. No new CS order was ever written. I was told it would be done "at trial".

    I asked my lawyer to file a motion for college expenses. He said, "it would all be figured out at trial".

    I asked him to file another modification when my XH became employed again. He said, "It would all be decided at trial".

    I asked him repeatedly why month after month we went to "status". He did not respond.

    I have NO valid CS order, lost $72K in maintenance, have no motion on file for college expenses and the last judgment set my XH's support at 28% of $800.

    I have paid my lawyer $22,000 and received nothing. I am refusing to pay the remaining $8000. He is suing me for the remaining balance. We go to arbitration next month.

    What can I do?

    FYI--I moved to Ontario, Canada 2 years ago when my new DH got transferred and have had to travel back and forth to IL for all of this.

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