unknown bank account withdrawal

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I have a bank account in my home town in Texas that over the past month or so has been getting withdrawn from without my awarness of it. (My account is in the negitive due to this. With bank fees and penelties being added daliy). I have tracked down the days of the unknown withdrawals and have asked for an account activity list from the bank. However the sheet I received from the bank does not show who is withdrawing the funds from my account.(It is a single account,no one else is named on the account). My question is how do I go about finding out who is withdrawing funds. What documentation and or people should I speak to and request at the branch of the bank to find this out?

Thanks in advance for the info
Go into the bank and speak with an officer of the bank. You potentially have a fraud case. Take all the records you possess. If it were me, I'd close the account in question and open a new account.

I would not give the account information to my employer. Until I learned more about this, I'd choose to get paid by check. You may have been scammed by a debt collecting scavenger!!!

You could also go into your local police station and file a complaint.
Speak with a detective, if one is available.

This could also be the dirty work of a scavenger, bottom feeding debt collector. How? Your guess is as good as mine.

You may have unwittingly compromised your bank account.
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