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unhealthy living conditions. Repairs, Maintenance

Discussion in 'Living in, Use of the Premises' started by Nikki1ofakind, Oct 25, 2014.

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  1. Nikki1ofakind

    Nikki1ofakind Law Topic Starter Guest

    I live in a small run down complex and am having difficulties getting things fixed as well as unacceptable health issues being dealt with. I am low income and cant afford to pay for a lawyer and frankly I don't even no where to begin or how to handle this but I do know my situation cant be legal. First I was standing on my front porch and I could smell sewer. It smelled like an out house. Not pleasant and completely embarrassing when company showed up. I went to the onsite manager and told them of my issue which was raw sewage underneath the apartment. I know this is a health code violation and totally unacceptable. I assumed that this would be addressed and dealt with. After the onsite manager contacted what I know now to be as a slum lord his answer to solve the issue was to have the onsite manager put Styrofoam spray around my entire porch sealing off the opening to beneath the apartment that way I wouldn't be able to smell it. Second my bath tub had a crack on the floor that opened every time you stepped foot inside and all the water was leaking beneath the tub onto the floor which was draining underneath the bathroom floor. when brought to the onsite managers attention he took the issue to the owner and his idea to fix this issue was to caulk the tub floor. it was only a matter of a week and it had cracked open again even wider this time. Now more water was draining beneath the floor. So problem was brought to onsite manager and same response but now a stronger sealant supposedly. well it was the next day and it broke open again but in the area right next to the patch the had just done the day before. Now this issue has been going on for four months now and the result is this their is now black mold growing under the tub and beneath the bathroom floor. The tile is lifting and the black mold can be seen it is now growing up the wall. Out side their are multiple roof leaks with horrible attempts to patch it. There are many other renters with problems such ass ceilings that leak and black mold growing beyond the sealing into the rafters. There has been a water heater that has went out and had many attempts at a supposed fix with an out come of living room carpet having to be replaced (with used carpet by the way.) due to water heater leaking and flooding living room. That tenet had to shower at my place for two week as well as at the onsite managers house. there are kitchen floors that are rotten with black mold underneath, those floors squish with every step and are leaning downwards. I could go on but I won't I need help this cant be okay for the owner to do.
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    If you observe or fear health code or building violations, those are reported to your city officials. Call city hall and ask where you start.

    Your county government officials might also be helpful. Call them, too.

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